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Saturday, December 26, 2015


Carrier Operations... IN SPACE!!

 OK, posting multiple shots per episode is kinda kicking my butt, so just one per episode for now unless something really special pops up.
 EPISODE 5: Transformation
 Iconic Scene: The Macross transforms for the first time, of course.
 Quotable Quotes: So, this is the Macross's transformation.
 Best character: In this episode it would have to go to Global. He once again shows that he's and honorable man but is willing to do what's necessary.
 Best Death: I'm pretty sure I saw some poor sod get sucked out into space.

 One thing I noticed about this episode was how Hikaru had a scene that somewhat mirrored one in DYRL only this time its Hikaru getting awfully fatalistic. That seems to be a thing with SDF Macross and the 80s entries: Characters getting suddenly fatalistic. Also, I prefer the Macross The First's Gina Bartrow as the Macross's head science/engineering honcho whatever.

The SVF-26 Cavaliers Squadron onboard the Macross

I think this is the first time we see a Destroid in the show. About time, it's episode 5 already!

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