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Monday, October 28, 2013

Gundam Build Fighters Episode 4

Gunpla Idol Kirara

Marasai!!  :)

Jerid and Cacricon are BFFs throughout the multiverse.  :)

Why so serious?

Uh oh, a pretty girl appeared!

More GM love.  :)
Now lets see some Jegans.

Get yo head out the way!

Um, is that Spanish on that sign?

China sense a new love rival.  :)

Hmmm, what is this?


Sure it was.

Waitaminute... did she just...?

SHE DID! She spiked the tea!
What deviousness!  :)

OK, seriously, this guy is all over the place.

That would be my reaction too.

Man, I wonder if there's some subtle
commentary about SEED here.

Mandala Gundam from G Gundam. 

That's an idol Reiji. You'd do well to 
avoid them.

And the creepiness just went up 50%

AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra FOR THE WIN!


These Fake Geek Girls, preying on us nerds who just want to
 have fun with our Gunpla!  :D

At least she researched it...

Details man. All about the details.

I can't remember if the GT used these in 0083?

Uh oh...

TA-DA! Trump card!!

I didn't know fighters could pose.


Oh man, he really is a Char.  :D

I am going to REALLY enjoy seeing the Gundam X back in action again.

All in all, I give this episode, for being wonderfully amusing and devious, 4 out of 5 face-heel-turns.