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Monday, November 25, 2013

Gundam Build Fighters Episode 8

Episode 8
Encounters of Fighters

Hyaku Shiki ver. Iron Man

The Argama? Or some other Zeta ship.
Radish maybe...

Is that…?

It's the G-Saviour. The Gundamn G-Saviour.
After fourteen years, Sunrise finally acknowledges
this exists.

Until it's slashed to pieces.  :D

Near Future iPad?  :)

Subtle.  :)

Emotion paint? Huhwhut?

I'm sure that's not a King Arthur reference.

Lol, a Jegan against the Devil Gundam?
Ordinarily, this would end very badly but in Gunpla

I forget, did the Devil Gundam always have
a crotch cannon?


Behold the power of my purple giant!

Can you imagine? Any kind of Gunpla event at Madison 
Square Garden?

HEY! That's Tomino!  :D


All the...


Hmm, not sure if I'm down with this
Plavsky manipulation...

Afterburners. Nice. 

So that's what the Evil Face in the OP
was about. Part of the Sengoku Astray's armor?

Another 00 cameo.

Luangdallara Abigorbine. Frak, that's a

Uh-oh. Twins. That clearly means they'll be 
difficult opponents in the future.

They modified the ED some in this episode.

Oh you gotta be kidding me...

And you thought there wouldn't be a Mr. Ral 
cameo in this episode.  

What the heck kinda armor?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Gundam Build Fighters Episode 7

Episode 7
Encountering Fighters

Dat Gold Double X. HNNNNNNGGGG.

Triple Jamil?! Can he be stopped?

Man, there's so much love for Gundam X in this show. 
The awesome cannot be contained.

At last, an Amuro reference.


Hey, he's just happy.  :)

Man, Rinko-san really wants those grand babies.

OK, screw it, he really is Ramba Ral.

OK. I'll say it, just this once.
Bow-chicka-wow-wow.  ;)

Aw he's shy.

Looks like Reiji...

...needs to learn how to compliment a girl's bikini.

OK, gotta do it again.

MS-07BCH Beach Gouf

Heh, Mao's got a girlfriend too.

OK Rinko-san, you're starting to creep me 
out now...

Apparently Anaheim Electronics just makes 
clocks in this timeline.

Suddenly Yakuza 4.

Team battle=AWESOME.

Apsalus III?! YEEEESSS!!

Uhoh, he improved the basic design with I-Field!

Build Mk. II escapes by the skin of its PVC.




At least this Apsalus III fared better without
a crazy man trying to pilot it.

Mao shota face.

Hmm, what is the secret of Plavsky particle
manipulation? Are we getting DBZ up
in here?



That is all.

I decided not to include any shots of the next episode preview. Seems redundant. Except for Tallgeese. Tallgeese is supreme.