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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reign of Chaos Episode 9

Episode 9 - Rage For AGE
In this episode, we're strictly devoting ourselves to the latest and not-so-greatest from Gundam AGE. Episodes 39 to 44 are reviewed with a vengeance as AGE prepares to wrap up in late September. Also we pay a small tribute to the passing of Astronaut Neil A. Armstrong, The First Man on the Moon. Next week: MOAR Batman! Enjoy. Download on iTunes.  :)

Segment Breakdown-
1. Intro (0:00:00-0:05:54)
2. Commercial -Chaos Theater!- (0:05:57-0:07:31)
3. Gundam AGE, Eps. 39-41 (0:07:33-0:37:45)
4. Commercial -Gundamn!@MAHQ- (00:37:47-00:38:55)
5. Gundam AGE Eps. 42-44 (00:38:56-01:10:12)
6. Commercial -Fighters Ready!- (01:10:14-01:11:38)
7. Outro (01:11:40-01:16:56)

Music Featured in this episode-
Apollo 11 Landing audio-The Eagle Has Landed
Main Title by James Horner, from Apollo 13
Super Mario Bros. Theme by London Philarmonic and Andrew Skeet, from Greatest Video Game Music
Asu He by Galileo Galilei, from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
Code Name: Heero Yuy by Kou Otani, from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
AGE-2~Unmei No Saki He by Kei Yoshikawa, from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
AURORA by Aoi Eir, from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
End Titles by James Horner, performed by Annie Lennox, from Apollo 13
One Small Step, featuring Astronaut Neil Armstrong and Walter Kronkite, from Apollo 13

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