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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The New Gundam Series Is Here! Build Fighters!

Yes it's true: we finally have a new Gundam series and Sunrise seems to have learned its lessons from the abysmal failure of AGE. Unlike the last series, this one has taken a radical departure from the norm, almost as radical as G Gundam in 1994. This series follows the footsteps of the 3 episode 2010 OVA Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G, i.e. it's all about Gunpla. This allows for tons of mobile suit and Gundam cameos and fantasy matches one could only dream of.
Now unlike my reviews for AGE, I'm going to do most of the main reviews on my podcast Reign of Chaos, starting with a special episode for episode 1, then episodes 2-5 will be covered in a main episode and so on. According to most sources, it seems that this will be the shortest main Gundam series at 25 episodes. Here on the blog I'll just be posting some brief commentary and screenshots.

Powered GM from Gundam 0083

Isn't that a white General Revil-class back there?

It's ALBION, not Alvion. C'mon guys.

You would not BELIEVE how much fan art there is of this lady
already, after just one episode. And of course, Rule 34. Ugh.


Man, I haven't seen the Wing Gundam get this much love in ages.
By the way, Sei, you're scaring the straights.

Suck it, AGE!  3:(

This of course would not actually happen if we weren't dealing with Gunpla and
Plavsky particles.

Titans colors ReGz, I believe.

I think this is the only time besides Char's Counterattack
and Gunpla Builders that we've seen the original RX-78-2 in animation.

The Messala from Zeta Gundam.

The Rig Contio from Victory Gundam.

An interesting contrast: Den'an Zon MS
from F91 Gundam riding Einerad tires from
Victory Gundam.

Gazu Royal Guard MS from ZZ Gundam.

The Dijeh, the famous one-time-only MS from
Zeta Gundam.

The mighty, invincible Freedom Gundam...

...gets ROFLstomped by the Dijeh. Amuro 
says hello.

Corrin Nander's EGIL MS from Turn A Gundam clashes with 
Neo Canada's Lumber Gundam 
from Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Nice.  :)

The official drink of Char Aznable. Maybe.

He's a genie. :D

The future love interest? Heh, not likely but
she will pilot the Beargguy mk. III later on.

I wonder why he has all the enemy Gundams 
from SEED and Destiny? Spoiler: Model sales.

Our new hero Gundam is the smallest ever. 1/144 baby.



Dude, she's already married and you already have
Hamon Crowley.

Look out, it's a Meltrandi!

Yeah. Sure he is.

You either got or you don't. And Gyan?
You ain't even close.


Wow, talk about obscure. I didn't even know what the
Gundam Aescalapius was until someone
on Facebook told me.


You know what I love about this display case?
Look closely. It ends with the Exia. No AGE suits.
Heh heh heh.

All in all, I really enjoyed this first episode, a lot more than the first episode of AGE. It wasn't that AGE's first episode was bad, it was just like the first episode of SEED: a copy of the first episode of First Gundam with a few twists. This series is looking really good so I'm definitely looking forward to the rest. I give it 4 out of 5 hot moms.  :D