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Saturday, December 26, 2015


Watch of the future!

Getting the civilians onboard the ship

Focker, you better be grateful you're a war hero. Not many could get away with this.

What is this? A school for giants?!

There's that damn fish truck again...

And then they couldn't get any more water for the coffee machine on the bridge.

If you're gonna be trapped for 12 days, might as well be clean.

Rats In Space!

Mmmmm, however-the-hell-old-beans-in-a-can, muh fav'rit.


You know... I feel that I should point out that despite the precautions that Hikaru took, he still probably would have not been able to survive out in hard vacuum, but sometimes you need to forget a few details for the sake of drama.

Not how I would like my fish....

wait, when did that happen? The tuna's mouth was nowhere near there.

Minmay sings for the first time.

I could understand going a little stir-crazy after twelve days in the bowels of the ship but Minmay goes a mite TOO crazy in this scene. Dear heart, I don't know if anyone's told you but death by the vacuum of space is actually one of the worst ways you can go.

And then there was a city in the ship.

Abusing refugees: It's the Mayor's job.

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