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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jules Verne's Gundam

Friends, Gundams, Countrymen.

Forasmuch as there is only one full-length Gundam series that I have never seen... I am now going to watch Turn A Gundam, which I have never seen before. And I shall record here my impressions. I am looking forward to it and am anticipating it being one of the best Gundam shows I've seen.

I'll be writing every 5 episodes or something.

Okay so first episode. What a departure. Only about the characters and barely a mobile suit in sight! What a nice change of pace from... well just about every Gundam show ever. Obviously Tomino wasn't getting as much pressure or static or whatever from Sunrise and wasn't strong-armed into putting the title Gundam right in the very first episode.

Why is Loran so lucky that the very first river he falls into is populated by a pair of naked babes? :D Speaking of naked, there seems to be a lot of random nudity in this show and not even really fanservice either (except for Kihel and Sochie)

Guin Lineford: already getting creepy vibes from this guy. Please make him go away. :P

Other than that, although this episode was paced a little fast, it wasn't so fast you became lost. The characters and locations look awesome and I can already tell this is going to be another awesome Yoko Kanno ost.
As far as the mechs go, I'll have to see the FLAT in action before I can offer opinion and I've actually always liked the Turn A Gundam. Variety people! It's all about variety. Probably the only Gundam in recent years that even comes close to the Turn A's uniqueness is 'ole Six Eyes Harute.

Seriously, after suffering through Victory a few months ago, this show is like a breath of fresh air. Oh and the many disapointments of the second arc of AGE. It doesn't look good for the future of Gundam when the Heim's head serving woman or whatever she was has more personality than Romary Stone. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Don't worry, I'm not dead. There are big changes coming however.