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Saturday, December 26, 2015


So, episode 3 and... wait, when did that happen? Did the Zentradi pilot reflexsively grab VT-102 as Roy pumped him full of lead?

Oh, there's the Magic Hands again.

what a wonky attach point...

and so the animation errors begin...

so long VT-102

cockpit pod disappears and reappears at will!

Roy's Valkyrie somehow turns into a VF-1A!

OK, this illustrates something I've wondered about for a while now. The real-life reason for the Macross's docking is of course so it would have arms in Attacker mode. But in-universe... why bother? We know the Macross has huge amounts of room inside and the Valkyries don't even need to be in fighter mode to take off. They could pull a Galactica and launch the fighters on one side and recover them on the other. Also, isn't this another animation error?

A famous scene.

Um, Daedalus? Prometheus? What are doing in space? It's too early for that!

You'd think that Global and the other commanders would have figured out that the Zentradi would try something like this during the docking maneuvers.

I like these guys. Not much fazes them.

and then there's a ship that's floating around...

You'd think after 10 years and all the Overtechnology they've reverse-engineered, they would know enough about the Fold System to prevent this sort of thing from happening but like I said, even with the German rocket engineers, we still blew up a ton of rockets before we got good at it.

The only bigger OOPS I can thin og is when they didn't check the scientist's math and the Castle Bravo nuclear test ended up being 15 megatons instead of 5.

With only one motor and no manuevering thrusters, I would think that Hikaru would have a much harder time getting around at this point but that's just me nitpicking.

Hikaru and Minmay survive a fateful crash.

Aw come on ladies, it's not all bad. You'll have tons of time to get closer to each other this way. 

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