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Saturday, December 26, 2015


One of the few times we get to see the Ghosts in action.

Vanessa's first major lines? She'll also be at MacrossWorldCon this year. The voice actress Run Sasaki that is.

Yot-chan would go on to found a Nyan-Nyan chain throughout the galaxy.

Poor Sea Sargents...

The Gravity Control Room onboard the Macross

He may be a typical politician but he's got a point. The aliens are here guys, let's get up and get us some!

A faithful meeting.

This is not a good way to pick up chicks...

I believe this because hey, at one point we were losing every other Atlas ICBM we were launching.

I think this is the only time we see the Magic Hands mini-manipulators?

Damn alien rabbits... breed faster than the local predators can eat 'em...

Pull the G lever for a surprise!

I don't think they ever said what she was going back for. I hope it wasn't for something silly like a hand mirror... (actually we'll see that it's her audition acceptance letter)

Roy... you surely have much better things to do than go check up on jailbait. Even Maniac from Wing Commander would be frowning at you now.

Um... where are the Destroids? Isn't this what they were speciically designed for?

Ooooh... nasty.

Roy for the save!

I would think that Valkyrie pilots would use the head lasers more as you can empty the 55mm gunpod in about 10 seconds.

A famous scene.

A woman's hair is her life, or so I'm told.

Another famous scene.

Now you done pissed him off Hikaru. You just had to go and shake his tree, didn't you?

The Specter of Death

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