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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gundam Rollcall

So I finally finished my design list and i present it here in all its completion:

The Complete List of My Gundams

1.     The Gundam White Fang (2001)
XXXG-01WF Gundam White Fang
Height: 16.6 meters
Armor: Gundanium alloy
Primary Weapon: Dober gun x1, mounted on right shoulder; Shenlong shield x1, mounted on left arm
Secondary Weapon: 70mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted on head; 75mm gattling cannon x2, mounted in chest; Wolf Fang x1, mounted on left forearm; beam saber x2, mounted under shield; micro-missile pods x2, mounted on legs
Alternate Weapon: N/A
Special Abilities: Hyper Jammer x2, mounted on back
Pilot(s):  Zack/Sesina Monroe
Notes: The White Fang, being the first of my Gundam designs isn’t particularly inspired. It’s basically a mish-mash of design elements from the other five After Colony Gundams. It even includes the Dober Gun weapon from the OZ-00MS Tallgeese as its weapon.  Around the mid-point of Gundam Wing, OZ destroys the White Fang, usually piloted by Zack Monroe,, largely due to the fact that it’s not equipped for combat in space. This forces Zack to use a new Gundam design for the rest of the conflict. However, the White Fang is notable for being the first Gundam mobile doll. When the White Fang rebel organization captures the lunar base, they build three advanced mobile dolls based on the designs of the mobile suits Vayeate and Mercurius and the Gundam White Fang, becoming the rebels’ “standard-bearer” suit. Zack, understandably annoyed by this and by the fact that the mobile doll nearly kills his girlfriend Yuko Mackenzie, easily defeats the doppelganger of his former Gundam.

2. The Gundam Phoenix (2001)
XXXG-01WF2 Gundam Phoenix
Height: 16.7 meters
Armor: Gundanium alloy
PW: Twin Buster Rifle x1, mounted on right shoulder
SW: 75mm machine cannon x2, mounted on shoulders; beam saber x2, mounted in shoulders
AW:  N/A
SA:  ZERO system
Pilot(s):  Zack/Sesina Monroe
Notes: After Zack Monroe lost the Gundam White Fang, he found his way to the L4 colonies where he met up with Quatre. Quatre, racked with grief over the death of his father, was building a new Gundam using his family’s resources and offered those resources to Zack. Working from the same set of blueprints they had discovered in the computers, Quatre created the Wing ZERO and Zack created its brother unit, the Phoenix. Being made form the same plans as Wing ZERO, Phoenix looks almost exactly the same with a few differences. Phoenix has no transformation mode and has a red, gold and white paint scheme. Its buster rifle is as powerful as the ZERO’s and it is also equipped with the mysterious ZERO system in the cockpit. Zack never could quite get the hang of the ZERO system so it was mostly left turned off.
The Phoenix is, again, not a particularly inspired design, basically being a re-coloring and modification of the Wing ZERO design. Clearly, I still had a long way to go with Gundam design.

3. The Gundam Phoenix (Custom, 2001)
XXXG-01WF2 Gundam Phoenix
Height: 16.7 meters
Armor: Gundanium alloy
PW: Twin Buster Rifle x1, mounted on right shoulder
SW: 75mm machine cannon x2, mounted on shoulders; beam saber x2, mounted in shoulders
SA: ZERO System
Pilot(s):  Zack/Sesina Monroe
Notes: This is just the Endless Waltz version of the Phoenix, also known as Custom version and Ver. Ka.

4. The Gundam Talon (2002)
XXXG-01T Gundam Talon
Height: 16.5 meters
Armor: Gundanium alloy
Colors: Green and white with gold trim
PW: Large beam sword x1, mounted on hip
SW: 70mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted in head; 75mm machine cannon x2, mounted on shoulders; shield x1, mounted on left arm; beam saber x2, mounted under shield
Pilot(s):  Zack/Sesina Monroe
Notes: The Talon, like the Deathscythe, Sandrock and Shenlong Gundams, focuses on close-range combat with its Large Beam sword. It also mounts an array of Vulcan-type guns for defense and a large shield which conceals two regular beams sabers as backup weapons. It is designed to be highly maneuverable but only on the ground. When the Gundam pilots had to go back to space, the Talon’s pilot knew that his suit wouldn’t be able to function there properly so he self-detonated it. Zack/Sesina would later acquire its replacement…

5.  The Blade Gundam (2001)
XXXG-01T2 Blade Gundam
Height: 16.5 meters
Armor: Gundanium alloy
Colors: Black and white with red and gold trim
PW: Double heat sword x1
Pilot(s):  Zack/Sesina Monroe
Notes: The Blade Gundam is the replacement unit for the lost Talon Gundam. Interestingly enough, it was actually designed before the Talon was, originally being a successor unit to the White Fang. As I learned more about Gundam and Mobile suit design aesthetics, I realized that it made no sense for the long-range combat White Fang to be replaced by a short-range combat model. Things like that just aren’t done, at least not in this universe.
The Blade Gundam upped the ante with a double-bladed heat sword. Though harder to control than a standard sword, it offered greater potential killing power. Add to that its Vulcan guns and the beam blade emitters on its wrists and it was a formidable opponent for the Romefeller Foundation’s Mobile Dolls and the forces of the White Fang colonial rebels.

6. The Gundam Nova (2003)
XXXG-01N Gundam Nova
Height: 16.8 meters
Armor: Gundanium alloy
Colors: Dark blue and black with white and gold trim
PW: Beam Assault Rifle x1
SW:  70mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted in head; 75mm machine cannon x2, mounted in shoulders; cluster missile pod x2, mounted on legs
Pilot(s):  Zack/Sesina Monroe
Notes: After designing the close-combat Blade and Talon models, I went in the complete opposite direction with the Nova, which features long range, hefty firepower. The Nova’s main weapon, the beam assault rifle, has three firing modes. Machine gun mode rapidly sprays beam fire but isn’t the most powerful mode, sniper mode fires much more powerful semi-automatic shots and burst mode fires a single large blast, much like the Wing Gundam’s Buster Rifle. However, the Nova’s rifle must recharge after this powerful shot is fired. The rifle also mounts an under slung 30mm RPG launcher for that extra little kick. In addition to this, the Nova posses the standard complement of Vulcan guns and machine cannons as well as two cluster missile pods on the legs. Unlike it’s brother unit the Heavyarms, the Nova posses absolutely no melee weapons whatsoever.
The Nova fared well against the Alliance and OZ on Earth but the pilot gradually began to note that the lack of a melee weapon as a final resort after the other weapons had been exhausted was a serious handicap. When Zack/Sesina took the Nova into space, this factor helped contribute to the suit’s destruction at the hands of OZ’s mobile dolls. The Nova would then be resurrected by the Gundam scientists as…

7. The Gundam Supernova (2003)
XXXG-01N2 Gundam Supernova
Height: 16.8 meters
Armor: Gundanium alloy
Colors: Red overall with white and gold trim
PW: Large beam rifle x1, Buster Cannon x1, mounted on left arm/shoulder
SW: 70mm Vulcan gun x4, mounted on head; 75mm machine cannon x2, mounted on shoulders; Enhanced cluster missile pod x2, mounted on legs; Beam Sword x1, mounted on back
Pilot(s):  Zack/Sesina Monroe
Notes: Just like a supernova is the most powerful explosion in the universe, the resurrected form of the Gundam Nova was to deliver barrages of firepower equal to its stellar namesake. With improved and added weaponry throughout the frame, the Gundam Supernova can do just that. Its rifle is more powerful than the old one, capable of delivering devastating single shots or 3-round bursts. The Buster Cannon is very much like Wing Gundam’s, but this one can fire either six “low-power” shots or three massive ones. The point-defense guns have had two additional Vulcan guns added to the head and the cluster missiles have been improved and additional missiles mounted. Perhaps the single most crucial addition to this Gundam’s arsenal was the addition of a melee weapon, the beam sword. Not as powerful as the Epyon’s version, it is still twice as powerful as an ordinary beam saber and is not to be trifled with even if it’s intended to be the Supernova’s last resort.
Zack/Sesina acquired this powerful upgrade when the Gundam scientists rebuilt it along with the Deathscythe Hell and the Altron Gundams at the Lunar Base. Zack/Sesina quickly found that it performed better than the original and used it in both space and on Earth.

8. The Gundam Templar (2006)
XXXG-01TR2 Gundam Templar Kai
Height: 16.5 meters
Armor: Gundanium alloy
Colors: Blue, grey and gold with white trim
PW: Gundanium Hammer x1
SW: Gundanium shield x1, mounted on left arm; 75mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted on shoulders; Missile x4, mounted under shield
AW: Cape x1, mounted on back
Pilot(s):  Zack/Sesina Monroe
Notes: The Templar was inspired by the paladins of WarCraft. With a hammer and shield made of reinforced Gundanium, the Templar quite literally smashes its way through battle. This Endless Waltz-style Gundam originally the hammer was a two-handed design and the shield was absent. However, I later changed it to a one-handed design. It just seemed that whenever I imagined it, I just couldn’t quite see the two-handed design working out. The hammer also has special pneumatic plates that add extra damage when the hammer strikes.
The Templar was yet again the Gundam of pilot Zack/Sesina Monroe. After OZ took over the colonies, the Templar was left on earth but was returned to Zack/Sesina by Sally Po. Later, Howard upgraded it for combat in space. After the Eve War, Zack/Sesina refused to cast it into the sun and it served admirably in the final Mariemaia Rebellion conflict.

9. The Gundam Skyrider (2007)
XXXG-01SK-C Gundam Skyrider
Height: 16.3 meters
Armor: Gundanium alloy
Colors: Blue and white with gold trim
PW: Beam machine gun x1
SW: 70mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted in head; 75mm machine cannon x2, mounted on shoulders; 90mm RPG tubes x6, mounted on hips; beam saber x2, mounted in shield; missile tube x2 (3 missiles per tube, usable only in flight mode), mounted in shield
SA: Flight Mode
Pilot(s):  Zack/Sesina Monroe
Notes: My first transformable GWing design, the Skyrider’s speed and beam machine gun make it a deadly opponent on the battlefield. Its main weapon is complemented by both missile launchers in flight mode and RPG launchers in MS mode. In addition it posses the standard array of point-defense guns and beam sabers.

10. The G6 Gundam (2008)
RX-78-6 Gundam
Height: 18.5 meters
Armor: Lunar titanium alloy
Colors: green and white with red and gold trim
PW: Beam sniper rifle x1
SW: 60mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted in head; Shield x1, mounted on left arm; beam saber x2, mounted on backpack; 75mm machine cannon x2, mounted on shoulders; Hyper bazooka x1, mounted on back
AW: Beam Javelin x1, Gundam Hammer x1, 125mm shotgun x1
SA: Core Block System, “Learning Computer” system, Re-entry coolant system, magnetic coating
Pilot(s):  Connor Hawke
Notes: The personal mobile suit of One Year War ace Connor Hawke. Almost identical to Amuro Ray’s famous RX-78-2 Gundam, the G6, as it was called, had several modifications that separated it from its brother Gundam.
The G6 takes advantage of all the data culled from Amuro’s numerous sorties in the RX-78-2. With improved drive systems, combined with extra firepower, the G6 was a scourge to the forces of Zeon near the end of the war. In addition to the original 60mm Vulcan guns, the G6 mounts two, three-barrel 75mm guns on its shoulders. The backpack has been modified with permanent hard points for the hyper bazooka, allowing G6 to carry extra firepower into battle. Lastly, a custom designed, 125mm MS shotgun was added as an alternate weapon for close combat.
The G6 was rescued in pieces from the Side 7 colony where Operation V was taking place. As the crew of the White Base desperately tried to get to Earth Federation HQ at Jaburo, South America, the G6 was pieced together while Connor used its Core Fighter in battle. The G6 was finally completed and Connor sorties with it until the end of the war. Unlike Gundam, G6 survived the Battle of A Boa Qu relatively intact. It was later seen in Hyato Kobayashi’s MS museum at Cape Canaveral.
 Addendum:  There actually already is an RX-78-6, but this is my version of it.

11. Ground Battle Gundam 06 Team Custom Build (2008)
RX-79[G]cb6 Ground Battle Gundam
Height: 18 meters
Armor: Lunar titanium alloy
Colors: Old school jungle camo pattern
PW: 105mm Customized Assault Rifle x1
SW: 70mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted in head; 80mm machine cannon x1, mounted in chest; 90mm RPG tubes (two rounds per tube) x4, removable, mounted on hips; beam saber x2, mounted on legs; 80mm grenade launcher, under slung on rifle
AW: 100mm machine gun x1, 100mm beam rifle x1, 250mm cannon x1, 80mm grenade rifle x1, 200mm bazooka, bayonet x1, missile launcher pods x2
SA: ECM suite
Pilot(s):  Sven Calhoun
Notes: To combat the Zeon invasion of Earth, the Federation rushed its own MS development program into high gear. Using leftover parts from both Project V and the RX Project, they constructed 24 RX-79[G] Gundam units for use on Earth. Twelve of these units where then sent to the Kojima Mechanized battalion in Southeast Asia. Because these Gundams were made out of unique parts, if they were damaged in battle they were hard to fix. Engineers had to come up with unique solutions in the field and this gave birth to the RX-79[G]cb6. 06MS Team leader Sven Calhoun’s RX-79[G] had been nearly destroyed in battle and the engineers and mechanics, under Sven’s supervision, remade his suit into the 06 Team Custom Build. Featuring customized equipment not found on the other battalion MS, this unique suit led the charge when the Zeon’s secret factory was discovered. After that final battle (October UC0079) the war soon ended and the cb6, quickly outclassed by newer designs, was scrapped.

12. Newtype Gundam (2008)
RX-80 Newtype Gundam
Height: 18 Meters
Armor: Lunar titanium alloy
Colors: Original red, white and blue with gold trim
PW: Beam Rifle x1
SW: 70mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted in head; beam saber x2, mounted under shield; shield x1; Shadow Missile x8, mounted in two, backpack-mounted pods
AW: Hyper Bazooka x1
SA: Proto-Psycommu System
Pilot(s):  Lt. Yuko Kawasaki
Notes: It was realized during the One Year War that the strong possibility in the future of mobile suit warfare would be Newtype pilots. Hayestech Systems, a fledgling MS-building company, secured a contract with the Federation to build an advanced, Newtype-use MS. Unfortunately, like most projects begun during the latter stages of the war (and heavy “interference” from competitor Anaheim Electronics), the new RX-80 Newtype Gundam was not ready for field testing until June of UC0080. Fate seemed to be on the company’s side however, when Zeon insurgents invaded the colony. The Gundam’s test pilot, Lt. Yuko Kawasaki, deployed in the RX-80 and used its advanced, Psycommu-controlled Shadow Missiles to make the Zeons think they were being attacked from all sides. She then used that moment of confusion to single-handedly defeat all the insurgents. This was all for naught though as Federation prejudice against Newtypes resulted in the RX-80 not being deployed with the fleet. But its technology would go into the next generation of MS being built for the G.D.P.

13. The Gundam Tigris (2008)
RX-78GX1 Gundam Tigris
Height: 18 meters, 21.5 meters Heavy Armor Mode
Armor: Gundarium alloy
Colors: Red, white and blue with gold trim
PW: Beam Rifle x1 (standard mode), Rail Cannon x1, mounted on right shoulder (Enhanced Mode), Mega Beam Rifle x1 (Heavy Armor Mode)
SW: 70mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted in head; beam saber x2, mounted on backpack
AW: 150mm bazooka x1 (Enhanced Mode);  micro-missile pod x2 (12 per pod, mounted on shoulders (Enhanced Mode); 100mm beam guns x2, mounted on hips (Enhanced Mode); Reinforced Armor Core Top x1 (Heavy Armor Mode); Reinforced Armor Core Bottom x1 (Heavy Armor Mode); Large Beam Saber x2, mounted on backpack (HAmode); Missile x12, mounted in shoulders (HAmode); 200mm beam cannon x2, mounted on shoulders (HAmode); micro-missile x36, mounted in legs (HAmode); Hyper Bazooka x1 (HAmode)
SA: Core Block System
Pilot(s):  Records Deleted
Notes:  The Gundam Tigris was part of the Federation’s Gundam Development Project in the year UC0083. Hayestech Systems designed and built the suit to serve as a competitor to Anaheim Electronics’ own Gundam units. Unlike Anaheim, who built three different units for different roles, Hayestech built the Tigris to be a veritable one-man army. Using the Core Block System that originated with the RX-78 series, the Tigris could swap out equipment to enhance itself or replace the top and bottom units with two heavily armored and armed units, practically creating a whole new mobile suit.
The Gundam Tigris began field-testing at the Federation’s California Base in October of UC0083. At this same time, the Delaz conflict broke out but it was only after the disaster at Konpei Island that the Tigris was sent into space to confront these renegade Zeons. Serving aboard the Assault Carrier Hyperion (MSC-06, Pegasus-class [refit]), the Tigris engaged the Delaz fleet several times, always coming out on top but was unable to stop the colony drop that was the object of Operation: Stardust. In light of the Stardust tragedy, the Federation cancelled the G.D.P. and all files and contracts related to it were erased. The Gundam Tigris’ service was then terminated.

14. The Delta Gundam (2008)
MSZ-007 Delta Gundam
Height: 19.85 meters
Armor: Gundarium Gamma alloy
Colors: Red and blue with white and gold trim
PW: beam rifle x1
SW: 70mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted on head; beam saber x2, mounted in forearms; shield x1; missile launcher x2, mounted on shield (three per tube)
AW: beam gattling gun x1, Mega Launcher x1, beam naginta x1
SA: Battle Computer
Pilot(s):  Connor Hawke
Notes: The Delta Gundam was the personal mobile suit of One Year War ace Connor Hawke during the Gryps War (UC0087-0088). Designed by Hawke and Kamille Bidan, it was a brother unit to Kamille’s Zeta Gundam. It combined the best aspects of the RX-178 Gundam mk. II’s movable frame and the Rick Dias’ Gundarium Gamma armor, combined it with the ability to transform into atmosphere-capable waverider, and you ended p with one mean suit.
Connor received the finished Delta in the latter half of the war and just in time too, as his Gundam mk. II had been damaged beyond repair. He then proceeded to wreak havoc on the Titans, the Delta being one of the few AEUG mobile suits to survive the final battle around Gryps II relatively intact. It would then go on to serve during part of the subsequent Neon Zeon war.
Due to its red and blue color scheme, face design and eye color, Connor nicknamed it his “Optimus Prime Gundam.”

15. The Perfect Delta Gundam (2008)
MSZ-707 Perfect Delta Gundam
Height: 21.4 meters
Armor: Gundarium Gamma alloy
Colors: Red, blue and grey with gold trim
PW: double beam rifle x1
SW: 70mm Vulcan gun 4, mounted in head; Hyper beam saber x2, mounted on back; Mega Cannon x1, mounted in chest; Gunpods x4, mounted on back; shield x1
AW: Triple Beam Gattling gun x1
SA: Battle Computer
Pilot(s):  Connor Hawke and Emma Sheen
Notes: At the end of the Gryps War, the AEUG had only a handful of working mobile suits and pilots left. The Argama suffered a bad blow early on in the conflict with Neo Zeon when Connor Hawke’s Delta Gundam was destroyed. However, Connor had already submitted a design for a new Gundam to Anaheim Electronics and they then provided him with the Delta’s successor, the Perfect Delta Gundam.  The PD Gundam eliminated the Delta’s transformation mechanisms and instead focused on raw firepower. Its most notable feature was its four remote gunpods. These were not Newtype weapons and they were controlled partly by AI and partly by a gunner in the cockpit. They were also wired to the PD, so it made maneuvering the large mobile suit a bit tricky. The other major feature was the Mega Particle Cannon mounted in the suit’s chest. Not quite as powerful as the ZZ Gundam’s High Mega Cannon, it nonetheless was still a superior deterrent to the forces of Neo Zeon.
The Perfect Delta Gundam was flown almost exclusively (except for the time when Judau Ashta and Roux Louka ran off with it) by Connor Hawke and Emma Sheen (taking turns as pilot and gunner) during the war and was instrumental in its conclusion.

16. The Omega Gundam (2008)
RX-93-Ω-1 Omega Gundam
Height: 22 meters
Armor: Gundarium Gamma alloy
Colors: Green and white with gold trim
PW: Beam Rifle x1
SW: 75mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted in head; large beam saber x2, mounted on back; shield x1; beam gun x2, mounted on hips; missile x4, mounted under shield
AW: Hyper Bazooka x1, Mega Beam Rifle x1
Pilot(s):  Connor Hawke
Notes: When Char Aznable’s Neo Zeon began their war of annihilation in late UC0093, One Year War aces Connor Hawke and Amuro Ray knew that the final showdown with the infamous Red Comet had come. To that end, they designed new Gundams for themselves. Connor’s new unit ended up being the RX-93-Ω-2 Omega Gundam, presumably named because it and its brother, the RX-93 Nu Gundam (or RX-93-v2 Hi-Nu Gundam) were supposed to be the last word in MS combat (although it is more likely that it was a nod to the fact that it would be the last Gundam Connor would pilot in his lifetime.) The Omega’s armament wasn’t very large, but with Connor’s skills at the controls, this Gundam proved more than a match for the forces of the second Neo Zeon.
The Omega and its brother Gundam were delivered to Amuro and Connor during the thick of the fighting with Char and his forces. Unfortunately during the last battle, Connor could only look on helplessly as Amuro used his Nu Gundam’s Psyco-Frame to push a chunk of the asteroid Axis away from Earth, Amuro and Char both disappearing into a haze of psyco-frame light. Connor then took his wife, Emma Sheen and their adopted daughter Puru Six to a quiet corner of the Earthsphere.
Three years later both Connor and the Omega were back, battling Full Frontal and The Sleeves, remnants of the two Neo Zeon movements. The Sleeves were looking for something called “LaPlace’s Box” and were tearing up space trying to find it. Imagine Connor’s surprise when he runs into the RX-0 Unicorn and its teenage pilot Banagher Links. Once again taking on a sort of mentor role, Connor helps to guide Banagher and Audrey Burne in their quest for the Box. But in all seriousness, after nearly 17 years, he’s very tired of fighting Zeons.

17. The Champion Gundam (2008)
GF06-021NA Champion Gundam
Height: 16.6 meters
Armor: Gundarium alloy super-ceramic composite rare metal hybrid
Colors: Red, white and blue
PW: Eagle Kick, Eagle Punch, Flying Double Eagle Punch
SW: Florida’s Hurricane, 75mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted in head; Super Cape x1, mounted on back; Cryo-freeze x1, mounted on face; Lazer Eye x2; Utility Belt x1, mounted on waist; America’s Shield x1, mounted on left arm; Beam Rope Shooter x1, mounted on right forearm; Beam Triple Claw x2, mounted on forearms
AW: None
SA: Hyper Mode
Pilot(s):  Captain Falcon
Notes: The Champion Gundam was Neo America’s entry for Future Century 28’s 6th Gundam Fight Tournament. Piloted by the brave and somewhat foolhardy Captain Steve Falcon, the Champion follows a comic book motif, its weapons echoing the superpowers of various comic icons. Its other unique feature is Hyper Mode, an ability that colorshifts the Gundam into a gold hue and vastly increases its power. Despite some setbacks, Captain Falcon is able to harness this power and wins the Gundam Fight for Neo America (in actuality the 6th Gundam Fight was won by Neo Italy).

18. The Eclipse Gundam (2008)
GAT-X606 Eclipse
Height: 18 Meters
Armor: Trans-phase Armor
Colors: Grey with red trim
PW: “Styx” Large Beam Rifle x1, “Apocalypse” Tactical Nuclear Missiles x4, mounted on back
SW: 75mm “Igelstellung” CIWS gun x4, mounted in head and chest; “Loki” EMP Grenade x2, mounted on hips; beam saber x2, mounted on shoulders
AW: None
SA: Trans-Phase Armor, Mirage Colloid cloaking, N-Jammer Canceller
Pilot(s):  Erik Redson
Notes: Considering the use of Neutron Jammers by ZAFT made nuclear weapons null, it is surprising that the Earth Alliance would have gone ahead and developed a GAT series mobile suit with nuclear strike capabilities. But considering that a great deal of the funding came from known Blue Cosmos supporters such as Murata Azrael and Lord Djibril, it shouldn’t be that surprising that this unit was built and ultimately used the way it was.
When Azrael returned from space with the plans to the N-Jammer Cancellers, it was immediately installed in the recently completed Eclipse. After a successful test run in the desert, the Eclipse and its bio-CPU pilot, Erik Redson, were sent to space, though not aboard Azrael’s “flagship” the Dominion. It was present for the attack on Boaz and was then ordered to support the bombing of the PLANTs. The Eclipse penetrated PLANT airspace and managed to launch one of its nukes but several ZAFT aces were able to intercept the nuke just in the nick of time. They then proceeded to duel with Redson and the Eclipse. Although Redson could not directly disobey his orders, he drove himself into enough of a battle frenzy that he made a mistake and the Eclipse was destroyed.

19. The Arbiter Gundam (2005)
MBF-06/ZGMF-X12A Arbiter
Height: 18.5 meters
Armor: Variable Phase Shift Armor
Colors:  Grey and black with gold trim
PW: MA-M20 “Lupus” high-energy beam rifle x1, “Mjollnir” Positron Blaster Cannon x1, mounted on back (over right shoulder in firing mode, requires -X09A Justice and -X10A Freedom or compatible units for maximum effect)
SW: 75mm “Igelstellung” CIWS guns x4, mounted in head; 100mm “Damerung” Triple CIWS gun x2, mounted in chest; 125mm “Agni” Hyper-impulse cannon x1, mounted on back, “Lacerta” beam saber x2, mounted on hips, MX2200 beam shield generator x2, mounted on forearms
AW: Positron Generator x1
SA: Variable Phase-Shift Armor, Neutron Jammer Canceller
Pilot(s):  Rusty Schweizhart(?), Cagalli Yula Attha(?)
Notes: The incomplete plans for this mobile suit were discovered in the computers of the -X09A Justice and -X10A Freedom by Erica Simmons. Once Morganroete was up and running again, Erica had the imposing Gundam built “for a rainy day,” even though many of the technologies employed were in violation of the recently signed peace treaty between ZAFT and the Earth Alliance. As conflict between the two powers ramped up again some years later, the Arbiter was thrown into the thick of fighting by a certain ORB pilot.
The Arbiter’s most powerful weapon is the Mjollnir cannon, actually an MS-,mounted Positron Blaster Cannon, which requires the nuclear reactors of two other mobile suits (originally intended to be the Justice and Freedom) to reach its full power. It has to be used carefully as the gamma radiation generated by matter-antimatter reactions is almost as lethal as the positron blast itself.

20. The Gundam Archana (2007)
GN-006-2 Gundam Archana
Height: 18.3 meters
Armor: E-Carbon/GN Composite Armor
Colors: red and white with gold trim
PW: GN Beam Sword x1, GN Bits x6 (2 on legs, 2 on shoulders, 2 on back)
SW: GN Beam Vulcan x2, mounted on left forearm; GN Shield x1, mounted on left arm; GN Beam Dagger x2, mounted on back waist
AW: GN Arms Type A
SA: GN Drive, Trans-Am System, Optical Camouflage
Pilot(s):  Matthias Shaen
Notes: The Gundam Archana was the mobile suit used by Celestial Being Gundam Meister Matthias Shaen. Each of the Celestial Being Gundams had a particular ability and the Archana’s was the GN Bits. Remote control gunpods essentially, Matthias controlled their attack patterns from the cockpit. With the capability to launch an all-range attack that could take out whole squads of enemy MS, the Archana was a deadly foe to the forces of the Union, HRL and AEU. In extreme situations, the Archana could dock with the GN Arms Type A, a mobile armor platform that provided two large beam cannons, a large combination GN blade and long rifle and a dozen extra GN Bits. Unfortunately thanks to the treachery of Alejandro Corner, the three powers obtained false GN Drive Taus. This gave them the ability to stand an even terms with the Gundams and even with the Trans-Am system unlocked, some design weaknesses in the Gundams were able to be taken advantage of and the Gundams were destroyed. Matthias survived and knew that he would need an even more powerful Gundam to combat the newly created Earthsphere Federation…

21. The Archaeus Gundam (2007)
GN-010-2 Archaeus Gundam
Height: 19 meters
Armor: E-Carbon/GN Composite Armor
Colors: red and white with gold trim
PW: GN Sword II x1, GN Omni-Bits x12 (Four make up a shield on the left arm, four on the back, two on the legs, two on the shoulders)
SW: GN Vulcan x4, two mounted on each forearm; GN beam saber x2, mounted on waist;
AW: GN Longsword, GNHW/B (GN-006-2GNHW/B)
SA: GN Drive, Trans-Am System, Bit Control System
Pilot(s):  Matthias Shaen
Notes: For four years, Matthias and Tieria Erde thought that they were the only Gundam Meisters to survive that fateful battle in 2308. They searched for their comrades (and someone who could replace Lockon/Neil) and built new Gundams for their impending war with the Earthsphere Federation’s A-Laws autonomous “peacekeeping” force. The Archaeus was Matthias’ old Gundam resurrected, in a new much more powerful form. After studying the performance of the GN bits in combat and also the GN Fangs used by the GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei and the GNMA-XCVII Alvatore, Matthias and Ian Vashti designed the GN Omni-Bits for the Archaeus. These bits combine the functions of bits that had been designed for the Cherudim Gundam and the GN Fangs. They can shield the Archaeus from damage and have their own built in beam guns. They could also form beam blades and be used to slice up enemy forces or for precision strikes.  The bits could also combine their fields to generate larger-than-normal blasts. These new bits were complicated enough and reaction and control needing to be higher, the same Bit Control System that the Cherudim used was installed onto the Archaeus as well, except Matthias used Green Haro. For any enemies that survived the assaults of the bits, Matthias would slice them up with his GN Sword II, the same model as the one used by the GN-0000 00 Gundam.
The Archaeus was first deployed in 2312 against the Earthsphere Federation’s A-Laws at the Proud space colony and subsequently went on to dominate the A-Laws in every major engagement. It was finally damaged beyond repair in the final battle around the deep-space exploration ship/Innovator Headquarters, Celestial Being.

22. The Gundam Dominion (2008)
GNE-001 Gundam Dominion
Height: 36.5 meters
Armor: E-Carbon/GN Composite Armor
Colors: Dark blue with gold trim
PW: GN Mega Cannon x1
SW: GN Beam Gun x4, mounted in head; GN Vulcan Turret x6, mounted on body; GN Missiles x100, mounted on legs and shoulders; GN Fangs x20, mounted on rear skirt; GN Field Emitters x4, mounted on legs and arms; GN Beam Shotgun x2, mounted on left forearm; GN Beam Zanbatou x1, mounted on back; GN longblade x1, mounted on right forearm; GN Omni-blaster x1, mounted on chest
AW: None
SA: GN-Drive[∑] x3, Optical Camouflage
Pilot(s):  Unknown
Notes: A true monster of a Gundam, this mobile suit stands at twice the height of a normal MS. Equipped with a frightening array of weapons that has enough power to demolish a city or army in minutes, this Gundam strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest (or most suicidal) mobile suit pilots. And with its trio of GN-Drive[∑], this Gundam has a supposed power output greater than any three individual GN-Drive equipped units. However, due to the advent of the Twin Drive System, this probably is not the case.
No one knows where this monster came from, but its GN Drives certainly aren’t the true drives that Celestial Being possesses. Whether these blue particle drives will have any adverse effects remains to be seen. Also, most thankfully, the Dominion does not possess a Trans-Am equivalent.

23. The Spartan Gundam (2008)
RHX-066 Spartan Gundam
Height: 16 meters
Armor: Neo-Titanium/super ceramic composite
Colors: Green and white with black and gold trim
PW: Back Weapon System, mounted on back (includes 300mm beam sniper rifle, 300mm beam machine gun, 300mm beam shotgun x1 and 90mm beam pistol)
SW: 75mm Vulcan gun x4, mounted in chest; “Leonides” beam cannon x1, mounted on chest; “Ajax” beam sword x1, mounted on back; beam saber x1, mounted on right leg
AW: “Atlas” 625mm cannon x1
SA: Energy Shields, Neuro-Link Cockpit, mounted in head
Pilot(s):  Robert Hayes
Notes: The Spartan Gundam is one of the most unique of my designs in that it has no lineage from the UC, FC, AC, AW, CC, CE, AD, or AG eras of the Gundam metaverse. It features many technologies that aren’t found on mobile suits from those eras, such as energy shields that protect the hull of the Gundam. The Neuro-Link cockpit is similar to but different from the Mobile Trace System used by Gundams in the Future Century, but still allows the pilot to fly the Spartan as an extension of their own will (also without the tremendous stress of the Full Psyco-frame).
The Spartan’s weapons include the back weapon System, which provides it with easy access to a number of guns for any situation. The Leonides beam cannon can deliver a shot powerful enough to clear the field or destroy enemy warships. Lastly, the Ajax beam sword allows the Spartan to cleave through multiple enemies in a single swing. There is also a small backup beam saber for emergencies.
The Spartan was tested in a parallel universe where it successfully engaged forces of an organization called “The Fandom.” This, however, cannot be truly confirmed or denied. Needless to say, the Spartan is not a Gundam to be trifled with.
Side Note: It can also mount the Atlas Cannon, the largest, shell-firing mobile suit weapon known throughout the metaverse.

24. The Highlander Gundam (2009)
GF13-016NSL Highlander Gundam
Height: 17 meters
Armor: Gundarium alloy super ceramic composite rare metal hybrid
Colors: Blue and green with red and gold trim
PW: Highlander Sword x1, Green Flame Morning Star, Cadalbolg Bladestorm (Hyper Mode)
SW: 70mm Vulcan gun x4, mounted on head; Highlander dagger x2, mounted in hips; Highlander Slash
AW: None
SA: Hyper Mode, Mobile Trace System
Pilot(s):  Kelvin MacLeod
Notes: The Highlander Gundam was the mobile suit constructed as Neo Scotland’s entry for the 13th Gundam Fight. Piloted by Kelvin MacLeod, there was more than just the Gundam Fight to Kelvin. He had a debt to settle.
The Highlander was constructed to allow Kelvin to maximize his swordsman fighting style. Equipped with a broadsword and two backup daggers, Kelvin and the Highlander were a force to be reckoned with during the Gundam Fight, claiming the heads of many champion hopefuls (Gundam Fight International Treaty Article 1: The loss of a Gundam’s head unit disqualifies the losing Gundam Fighter from the tournament.) Soon after arriving on Earth, Kelvin ran into the Neo Japan fighter, Domon Kasshu. Initially he refused to fight Domon due to the fact that he was searching for someone, just as Domon was. However, after tussling with some locals (who were possible some of the Early infectees of the Devil Gundam) he and Domon fought, with the Highlander narrowly losing to Domon’s Shining Gundam.
Soon afterwards, Kelvin found himself tracking his target to Shinjuku, Tokyo, in Neo Japan. There he met up with Domon and Rain Mikamura again. There they encountered the Devil Gundam and the person that Kelvin had been tracking: his former paramour, Dahlia Connery, the Gundam Fighter from Neo Ireland. Unfortunately, Dahlia was now a willing servant of the Devil Gundam, mostly to exact her revenge on Kelvin. The Highlander and Kelvin would next run into Dahlia and her Leprechaun Gundam in South America’s Guiana Highlands. Narrowly escaping once again, Kelvin made his way to Neo Hong Kong for the finals of the Gundam Fight. It was here that Kelvin met Allenby Beardsley and fell in love with her. Of course he had to compete a bit with her crush on Domon and once Dahlia learned of his infatuation, she attempted to use it against him. Ultimately, Domon defeated his old love to save his new love, travelled to space and helped Domon and the Shuffle Alliance destroys the Devil Gundam once and for all.
Given that this was the first time I had designed a Gundam like the Highlander, I was rather pleased with how well it performed in battle.

25. The Cirrus Gundam (2009)
GAT-X306 Cirrus Gundam
Height: 18 meters
Armor: Phase Shift Armor
Colors: Orange and white with grey and gold trim
PW: 100mm “Falcon” beam rifle x1, “Velocity” wired gunbarrel x4, mounted on wings
SW: 75mm “Igelstellung” CIWS guns x4, 2 mounted on head, two mounted on chest; beam saber x2, mounted on hips; 80mm “Valiant” railgun x1, mounted on shield
AW: None
SA: Flight Mode
Pilot(s):  Rusty Schweizhart
Notes (on the Cirrus Gundam): During the lull in fighting during the latter half of the Bloody Valentine War, ZAFT learned that the Earth Alliance was building its own mobiles suits at ORB’s Heliopolis space colony. ZAFT dispatched the LeCruset Team to either capture or destroy these prototypes. Team member Rusty Schweizhart captured the GAT-X306 Cirrus while his teammates captured the GAT-X102 Duel, GAT-X303 Buster, GAT-X404 Blitz and GAT-X309 Aegis. The LeCruset Team members then used these captured “G Weapons” to try and destroy the EA Assault Carrier Archangel. During their many engagements with this ship, Rusty and the Cirrus were captured along with fellow pilot Dearka Elsman. After getting to interact with the crew of the Archangel some, Rusty defected from ZAFT during the battle for ORB and used the Cirrus to help the Three Ships Alliance to end the war.
As one of the EA’s prototype Gundams, the Cirrus uses an ultra-compact energy battery as its source of power because of the interference of N-Jammers. It also uses the General Unilateral Neuro-link Dispersive Autonomous Maneuver OS.

26. The Gundam Gemini (2010)
XXXG-01G Gundam Gemini
Height: 16.5 meters
Armor: Gundanium alloy
PW: Large Beam Cannon x2 (flight mode), Double Beam Saber x1
SW: 70mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted in head; Large Missile x2, mounted on chest; beam gun x2, mounted in forearms; Shield x1, mounted on left arm; 90mm machine cannon x4, mounted on wings (Flight Mode)
AW: None
SA: Flight Mode
Pilot(s):  Zack/Sesina Monroe
Notes: Well, I guessed I lied when I said that the Skyrider would be the last of my After Colony designs. The Gemini now occupies that particular honor. I decided to make it a transformable machine as well and to combine two kinds of fighting styles in one machine. In flight mode the Gemini makes use of two large beam cannons for long-range attack and a quartet of machine cannons for strafing and close defense. In MS mode, it has a double beam saber and weapons more suited to close range fighting except for the two missiles mounted at the top of the chest.
It is notable that the Gemini was designed to function in both space and atmosphere. Consequently it was the only one of the six Gundams that didn’t need to be extensively modified or entirely rebuilt.

27. The Gundam Angelas (2010)
GN-006-3 Gundam Angelas
Height: 18.1 meters
Armor: E-Carbon/GN Composite Armor
Colors: red and white with gold trim
PW: GN Double Beam Sword x1
SW: GN beam Vulcan x2, mounted on upper right forearm; GN Shied x1, mounted on left arm; GN beam short saber, mounted under shield; GN beam shurikens x6, mounted on hips
AW: GN Full Armor
SA: GN Drive, TRANS-AM System, Optical Camouflage
Pilot(s):  Feldt Grace
Notes: The Gundam Angelas comes from an alternate timeline story in which Feldt Grace, originally one of the crew of the Ptolamaios, becomes a Gundam Meister for Celestial Being.
The Angelas was designed to be a close-combat model like the GN-001 Gundam Exia. With its double beam sword and feminine design, it almost dances across the battlefield under the control of its pilot. Although Feldt was unsure in battle at first, she became, under the tutelage of Lockon Stratos and Allelujah Haptism, an excellent pilot. The abilities of her Angelas can also be augmented with the GN Full Armor. While this restricts speed and maneuverability, the Gundam Angelas-Full Armor can survive more damage and offers more offensive options. The discovery of the GN-Drive’s Trans-Am system also helped add an edge.
The Angelas was first deployed in 2307 at the demonstration of the AEU’s new Enact mobile suit. Feldt and the Angelas then followed her comrades on many other missions, culminating in Operation: Fallen Angels, in which the Gundam Meisters and the Ptolamaios were defeated.

28. The Amazon Gundam (2010)
RHX-074 Amazon Gundam
Height: 16.6 meters
Armor: Neo-Titanium/super ceramic composite
Colors: red and blue with white and gold trim
PW: Beam Crossbow x1
SW: 70mm beam Vulcans x4, mounted on chest; Micro-bow x1, mounted on right forearm; Heat Whip x1, mounted on left forearm; “Artemis’ Beam Sword x1, mounted on back;
AW: “Athena” beam lance x1, “Hera” beam launcher x1
SA: Energy Shields, Neuro-Link Cockpit, “Freya” EMP pulse units x2, mounted on shoulders
Pilot(s): Robert Hayes, ????
Notes: The Amazon Gundam is very literally the sister unit to the RHX-066 Spartan Gundam. It’s hull has a very feminine design to complement that name, but don’t let its seemingly frail form fool you, this Gundam means serious business.
Its primary weapon is the powerful beam crossbow, which fires slower than a standard rifle but is more powerful. Combine that with a smaller version on the right arm, a heat whip, a beam sword and the standard array of defensive Vulcans and the Amazon is not a Gundam to be taken lightly. It also has to alternate weapons, the Athena beam lance and the incredibly powerful, mountain-shattering Hera Beam Launcher. Like its brother unit the Spartan Gundam, the Amazon is mostly protected due to powerful energy shields and is controlled by its pilot through the powerful Neuro-Link cockpit system, which lets the pilot operate the suit as if it was their own body.

29. The Gundam Teravim (2011)
GNT-001 Gundam Teravim
Height: 18.6 meters
Armor: E-Carbon/GN Composite Armor
Colors: Red and white with gold trim
PW: GN Sword V (converts to rifle) x1
SW: GN Sword bits x4, mounted on back; GN Rifle bits x4, mounted on arms and legs; GN Shield bits x4, mounted on shoulders
AW: GN Missile Bit x2, mounted on back
SA: GN Twin Drive System, TRANS-AM System, Bit Control System
Pilot(s):  Matthias Shaen
Notes: Although the death of Wang Liu Mei meant that Celestial Being lost almost all of their funding, they had just enough to replace the Gundams that were thoroughly damaged at the end of the A-Laws conflict. In addition to that, Linda Vashti travelled with a team to Jupiter, where they created new GN drives for Celestial Being’s Gundam Meisters to use. In fact, they created enough, that not only was the GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] able to be completed with two fully optimized drives, but Matthias Shaen’s new suit was able to have a twin drive as well. This was helpful as the Teravim’s array of weapons needed an ample GN Particle supply and a Trans-Am Twin Drive is as a hurricane on the battlefield. Concerning its weapons, the GNT-001 Gundam Teravim is equipped with enough bits to take an army. In a choice that was more aesthetic than anything else, Matthias left off the Omni Bits this time and instead mounted almost every kind of bit that Celestial Being was using at the time. There are four GN Sword Bits, four GN Rifle Bits and four GN Shield Bits. During the final battle with the Extra-Terrestrial Living-Metal Shapeshifters (ELS), the Teravim also mounted two enhanced GN Missile Bits for extra firepower. The Teravim also uses the GN Sword V (same model that the 00 Qan[T] uses), which can function both as a sword and as a rifle thanks to its blade being made of the green, crystal-like GN Condenser materiel. The Shield and Sword bits can also combine to fire large blasts.
The Teravim first saw action in 2314, when the Ptolemaios II was approached by a Jupiter probe that had been assimilated by the ELS. Celestial Being then set off to Mars to head off the ELS advance force. When that didn’t quite work out, they hurried back to the Earthsphere to prepare for the final assault by the ELS. The Teravim acquitted itself magnificently in this battle, destroying thousands of ELS with its advanced weapons. Also, unlike the Zabanya, Harute or Raphael Gundams, the Teravim managed to survive the battle relatively intact. As to what exactly happened to it and Celestial Being after that final battle, records are incomplete.

30. The Gundam Sancta (2011)
GN-006-4 Gundam Sancta
Height: 18.3 meters
Armor: E-Carbon/GN composite armor
PW:  GN Beam rifle x1, GN Shield x1, GN machine gun x1, GN beam cannon x1
SW: GN beam Vulcan x2; mounted in left forearm, GN beam saber x2; mounted on shoulders
AW: GN missile pods x4; mounted on legs and hips, Large missile pod x2; mounted on shoulders,  GN beam gattling x1, GN Field Projector x1,  GN laser x1
SA: GN Drive, Trans-Am System, GN Arms Type S
Pilot(s):  Hope Mathea
Notes: The Sancta is the sixth of my Gundam 00 designs and as such, I’m well on my way to designing as many AD Gundams as I have AC. Therefore, this going to be one of the last, as the main characters of 00 each go through three Gundams by the time you get to the ELS conflict in 2314.
The Sancta follows a combat philosophy reflected in the designs of most of the other CB Gundams: Peace through armed intervention with unstoppable firepower. While not having the accuracy of the Dynames or the raw power of the Virtue, the Sancta has more weapons available to it than the Kyrios and thus fills the gap between the sniping Dynames and the city-wrecker Virtue. It’s operational history is mostly identical to the GN-006-2 Gundam Archana.

31. The Tensha Gundam (2011)
GN-010-3 Tensha Gundam
Height: 18.3 meters
Armor: E-Carbon/GN composite armor
PW: GN beam rifle x2, mounted on back, combines to form GN beam cannon x1; GN beam burst gun x2, mounted on legs, combines to form GN beam machinegun x1
SW: GN beam vulcans x2, mounted on chest; GN beam saber x2, mounted on forearms; GN field burst grenade x6, mounted on hips
SA: GN Drive, Trans-Am System
Pilot(s): Hope Mathea
Notes: The Tensha is the successor unit to the Sancta and follows in its combat philosophy of ranged weaponry. Like its counterparts, the Tensha is first deployed in 2312 to combat the corrupt A-LAWS and their Innovade masters. Late in the conflict it was upgraded with a GN Heavy Weapons pack for maximum firepower. It survived to the end of the battle around the Celestial Being but was heavily damaged.

32. Gundam NT-A (2011)
GA-9100 Gundam NT-A
Height: 17.1 meters
Colors: Blue overall with white and gold trim
Armor: Lunar Titanium alloy
PW: Double beam rifle, mounted on right arm x1
SW: 70mm Vulcan x4, mounted in head; 75mm machine cannon x2, mounted on shoulders; beam saber x2, mounted on backpack; beam cannon x1, mounted in chest
AW: Beam long rifle x1
Pilot(s): Axel Stone
Notes: In the world of the After War timeline, the Gundam NT-A was created as an advanced prototype for the Old UNE forces. It was supposedly equipped with an early version of the Flash System but the unit that is eventually piloted by Axel Stone is not equipped with one. It is also unknown just how many NT-A units were created during the 7th Space War.
Some less reputable Vultures originally discovered the unit that eventually fell into the hands of young Vulture pilot Axel Stone. They used it to terrorize the survivors of the massive Colony drop that precipitated the beginning of the After War era. Ironically for them, they turned out to be the same rogue Vultures that had killed Axel’s father and driven him and his mother from their home. Axel promptly stole the Gundam NT-A and wreaked havoc upon his persecutors. After that he met up with the landship Freeden, commanded by war veteran and former Newtype Jamil Neate. Jamil and the Freeden had just encountered the GX-9900 Gundam X, “piloted” by Garrod Ran. Having no where else to go, Axel agreed to join the crew of the Freeden, provided he was paid, so that he could send some money back to his mother.
The NT-A is notable for being the only Gundam that didn’t need to be upgraded or refit during the battles with Vultures, the New UNE and the SRA, although the Freeden’s chief mechanic, Kid Salsamille, did equip it with a beam long rifle that he had scrounged up. The Gundam NT-A survived the final battle over the moon and was brought back to Earth by Axel.

33. Triumph Gundam (2011)
LM306V03 Triumph Gundam
Height: 15.3 meters
Armor: Gundarium alloy/super ceramic composite
Colors: White and green with gold trim
PW: Beam Rifle x1
SW: 70mm Vulcan gun x2, mounted in head; beam saber x2, mounted in forearms
AW: Shot Lancer x1, mounted on back
SA: Full-body Psyco-Frame x1, Bit Mobile Suits (LM306V03a, LM306V03b, LM306V03c, LM306V03d)
Pilot(s): John Shepard, Miliera Katan
Notes: In the year UC 0153 the increasing weakness of the Earth federation gave rise to something akin to a space age of warring states (a reference to the Sengoku period in medieval Japanese history). At the Side 2 colonies a new government was propped up under the almost worship of a woman known as Maria Pia Armonia. Maria was a Newtype with an extraordinary gift to heal people, something that had never been seen in a Newtype before. Unfortunately, Maria was not a politician and this allowed people such as Fonze Kagatie to create an empire around her, an empire that used such barbaric methods as the guillotine to get the people to fall in line. In UC 0153, this newly-created Zanscare Empire struck, invading the Earth and declaring all-out war against the EF. The Federation forces, weakened by decades of complacency and political inferiority were slow to react and an AEUG-like organization, the League Militaire stepped up to battle the fanatical forces of Zanscare. One of the pilots in the League happened to be a descendant of the famous One Year war ace Connor Hawke. This young man’s name was John Shepard and he was one of the first Newtype pilots in years. Although he initially piloted one of the League Militaire’s mass-produced Victory Gundams, when the League faction he was with under Oliver Inoue and Marbet Fingerhat arrived in space, he got the chance to test out his own personal Gundam, the LM306V03 Triumph Gundam.
The Triumph Gundam is the first full Newtype use mobile suit in more than 50 years, utilizing technology thought forgotten at the end of the first UC century. Having dug into information held by the almost defunct Anaheim Electronics, the Triumph employs a full body psycho-frame, last used on the infamous RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. This allows the Triumph, which is sparsely armed itself, to control four bit mobile suits. These are full mobile suits that have their cockpits removed and instead have psycommu receivers built in. The suits have model numbers that are identical to the Triumph’s but with a letter at the end to indicate which bit suit they are (example: LM306V03a). Each bit suit is armed with a specific weapon; the LM306V03c for example is armed with a Mega Beam Cannon.
After receiving the Triumph, John and the League’s other aces including Uso Evin, made several assaults on the forces of the Zanscare, including stopping its Keilas Guilie beam cannon and infiltrating the Zanscare homeland. After Uso received the LM314V21 Victory 2 Gundam, he and John became the most feared (and most wanted) enemies to the Zanscare. When the final battle came, around the Zanscare superweapon known as Angle Halo, John, Uso and their Gundams smashed their way through wave after wave of Zanscare suits, defeated its most skilled aces and ended the war. After the war, john returned to live with family at Side 7, occasionally visiting his friends at Kasserellia.
Additional: The Triumph did place extreme stress on the pilot and had a performance limiter that could be disengaged for five minutes at a time.