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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Getting Better: Gundam ZZ

Aztec space ninjas, forsooth!

Anyway, onto episodes 17-21.

So the comedy seems to be very slowly giving way to an actual balance in these episodes. It seems like the Argama is actually fighting a war now, what with all the hubub over its new Hyper Mega Whizbang Pocket Death Star. We also see the infamous Elpeo Puru (or Ple or Pull or whatever it is; I like Puru) and another Qubeley, Batman-style. The Qubeley was a monster in Zeta and here it proves it's no slouch by stymieing the Gundam Team. I'm not sure what to make of Puru yet. She's seems to be a little schizo at the very least. Plus Puru hitting on Judau is kinda weird. Speaking of weird, does anyone else find it creepy with what Glemy is doing with Leina? I do.

Beecha and Mondo prove how petty and small-minded they are; is anyone surprised?

We also have Judau's first meeting with Haman, and I gotta say, I like it when we see her with different hairstyles. Where's Mineva though?

There's several good points here, surprisngly enough. Judau, like Amuro and Kamille before him finds that its harder to shoot at his enemies when they're not hidden in a mobile suit. And when Bright is about to fire the Hyper Mega Whizbang at Axis's engines, he and Judau have a good moment. Judau has a good point about the civilians (although that could be a whole other argument about culpability) and Bright's tactics are sound from a pure strategic standpoint. Plus, since he was aiming at the engines, there's a chance that the Moussa block might not have been catastophically damaged. It's a good example of the hard choices of war.
We then have some development for one of the Argama Bridge Dudes, Torres, which of course is an immediate death flag for his old friend Cecilia. Saw that coming from a mile away; instead of pineapple salad, it's pineapple pizza!! :D I'm evil. :twisted:
It's also interesting seeing the original Gundam Team in action, especially when reviewing the records of subsequent Gundam mashups, like in Wing, SEED or 00.

So far I'd say that ZZ is the opposite of AGE. Whereas AGE fell apart in its latter two-thirds, ZZ has a first third that is just footling drivel and now seems to be getting good. Hopefully it'll stay that way.

Oh and I noticed that Chara was in the brig when Bright threw Judau, Mondo and Beecha in there. WHY WASN'T SHE IN THERE BEFORE, INSTEAD OF BEING GUARDED BY A PAIR OF KIDS?!! Damn, Bright, Brightslap™ your own self and then Brightslap™ Beecha and Mondo into MEN OF DESTINY.

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