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Monday, February 4, 2013

Oh The Mediocrity - More Gundam ZZ

So... episodes 7-11.

Episode 7, more of the same crap, except this time we have some moron pilots who decide to spew smoke all over the place and then... are utterly confused. What was the point? At least they died for their stupidity.

The Argama finally gets the heck out of dodge in episode 8, but it takes too damn long. That damn Gemon shows up again but at least he dies too, as does Yazan. Man, that guy must have really lost it if he thought jumping out of a mobile suit with his jacket as a parachute would actually work. Man, I used to be intimidated by that guy.
Judau's antics are also a little grating but at least they make him grow into his skills.

So we're out in space now and off the damn colony but things really aren't that much better. And, oi vey, here we go with Beecha and Mondo. They've been out in space for a couple of hours and already they want to betray the Argama and go back? If they didn't really want to go then why did they even bother? And can someone PLEASE toss Shinta and Qum out the airlock? Obviously their dead parents and/or Char never told them to not talk to strangers or believe what they say. Stupid war orphans, stupid, stupid orphans. It's no wonder Bright skips out on the second half of this show.

The one bright glimmer in all this is the introduction of the ZZ Gundam itself. I'm not sure if I like it more than the original Zeta but it's kinda neat, although there is a bit of that "why didn't we shoot it during the stock footage transformation and docking sequence?" going on. Guess I now know where Shinn got the idea.

As for Chara, funnily enough I didn't mind her when she first appeared, but the second she got into that R-Jarja.... whoo boy, this rates about a 9.0 on my weird crap-o-meter. Better buckle in for a long ride.

Let's see, I'm now on episode 13... when's Moon-Moon? Episode 14. Oh frak me....

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