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Monday, February 4, 2013

This Is Not An Anime - Gundam ZZ

So as I mentioned before, I'm watching Gundam ZZ for the first time. I skipped episode 1 because it's just a glorified clip show, so we move straight into episode 2. This episode is actually fairly good what with setting up Judau and the Junkyard Kids and the return of Yazan and the death of poor Saegusa. There's the strange sort of passing-of-the-torch moment between Judau and Kamille and the Endra shows up... and then nothing. No, I'm being totally serious here. I'm really trying not to let previous info and biases color things here but I honestly think that episodes 3-6 are just plain boring. Not terrible or insulting, just boring. Monster-of-the-week only works for G Gundam you know. And First Gundam. ;)

As for Mashymre... Scirroco would eat this guy for breakfast. Bask Om would rip off his arms and beat Mashymre to death with the wet ends. And I can't see him surviving in the original Zeon military.... except maybe under M'Quve. :D Man, is this what happened to all the Zeon soldiers who were bumming around Axis?

And what can I say about Gemon the Trash-Man? I can't decide if he's a worse character than some of the morons we ran into in AGE. He probably is; at least the AGE characters attempted some competence and weren't as dumb as this guy. If I was Mashymre, I would have been like, "Ok, why don't you just take your weird MS and go fight the Zeta by yourself? Your suit is obviously strong enough to take on the Zeta single-handed!" (Insert your own sarcasm here)

Also, am I a terrible person for wanting to toss Shinta and Qum out the nearest airlock?

All in all, not terribly impressed so far. By episode 6 of most of the rest of the Gundam shows and OVAs, a whole ton of stuff had already happened and ZZ is just kina plodding along. How about that Neo Zeon War? When do we get that?

There are some positives. I think I'm going to enjoy Judau as a protagonist. He's not annoying like MSG Amuro or angsty like Kamille. He's just a simple Newtype trying to make his way in the Universe, man! :) The rest of his friends are OK, especially fiesty Elle, but I can already tell I'm not going to like Beecha and Mondo. Imma toss them out the airlock too, ok? :twisted:
The music from Zeta is back and that's always a big plus although I wish they'd been able to spin out a few new tracks for ZZ and change things up a little.

Alrighty then, on to episodes 7-11!

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