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Monday, February 11, 2013

Drama In The UC: Gundam ZZ

Anyway, episodes 22-26.

Hmm, things are actually getting pleasantly good. Judau's still reckless in trying to save Leina but lots of good drama comes from it. He meets Haman again and thus begins what i assume are many attempts on her part to seduce our hero. We also get introduced to Rakhan Dakharan. Now this is a Neo Zeon villain I can get behind! We also have another nice atmosphere batle, very reminiscient of the Jaburo Drop in Zeta. The Argama and the Gundam Team are on Earth now and because the Argama doesn't have a Minovsky Craft system, they send the Gundam team on ahead. At the same time, Neo Zeon has invaded the Federal capital of Dakar.
I gotta say, this happened all a little too neatly, smacking of Star Trek Syndrome. You know, Earth is the most important planet in the Federation, yet it's constantly defended and saved by just one ship, usually the Enterprise? Where was the Federation defense fleet? The Garrison? Are they really so incompetent by UC0088 that Neo Zeon, with just a few ships and their mobile suit complements can roflstomp them?

Also, Beecha and Mondo need to die, seriously. They are too easily forgiven especially after that stunt with the bombs. At least Shinta and Qum have faded into the background.

So the Gundam team treks across Africa and like we've seen in other shows such as 0083 and Unicorn, the scars of the OYW still linger. We got poor fool Rommel, who tries to take on modern (at the time) Gundams with Zakus. Bad idea dude. Somehow I don't think the real Desert Fox would have been so foolish. We also get this Masai woman who makes the same mistake. Even though her Gelgoog is still old, I bet if she had more training she might have been able to take out one or two of the Gundam team. But her obsession proves her downfall. Yet another casualty of the OYW. Also, in an earlier episode, we have a kid try to take on the Argama and its Gundams with a Kapool. Silly kid, don't you know that Kapool/Capule's only work in Turn A Gundam? :D

I'm given to understand that we'll get to Dakar in episode 25 and a certain chain of events will proceed with Leina. Dum-dum-duuuuuummmmmm.

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