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Thursday, March 10, 2016


And so the first third of the series is over. As I said in a previous post, although Macross had gripped me with the sci-fi space action of the first 9 episodes but I also enjoyed the anachronistic charm it had. This is a future world that has transformable fighters, giant robots, laser cannons, FTL travel and spaceships that can traverse the Solar System at sublight in just a few months... yet it's also a world where no one seems to own a PC or laptop and if you want to call someone, even a video call, you have to use a public terminal. Oh and no answering machines either.
The characters are engaging and even at this point I could feel myself sliding over from wondering if Hikaru and Minmay were going to be getting together to if Misa was going to be his girlfriend. Add to that the revelations of what life was like for the Zentradi and how much of a threat they truly were and I had high hopes for the second third of the show, which were slightly dashed by the character that makes his debut in this part of the show.

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