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Monday, December 28, 2015


Iconic Scene: The Aftermath of Vermillion Team's first sortie.
 Quotable Quotes: "Hey, lay off! It's hard being a team leader!"
 Best Character: Maximilian Jenius. Because he's a BAMF and he knows it.
 Best Death: All the poor Reguld pilots that Max shot down. Never new what they were getting into.

 And so here is where Max and Kakizaki show up. Unlike Roy, who is the old veteran and Hikaru who is the main character, Kakizaki is the lovable oaf and Max turns out to be an insanely good prodigy. Neither gets all that much depth to them though and I have to wonder if that's yet again a product of the series being cut down from 52 episodes to 48 then 39 then to 24+2 clips shows with an added 27. Of the two, I do like Max a bit better because Kakizaki seems like the kinda guy who talks a big game but doesn't have much to back it up. Still, he is far more tolerable and likable than a certain character that will be showing up soon.

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