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Monday, December 28, 2015


What's Max's Valkyrie doing back there? A soft shoe shuffle?

Iconic Scene: Klingon captain KLANG!

Quotable Quotes: "Hey, is she prettier than us?" (RED ALERT QUESTION! Bail out Vermillion 1! Bail out!!)

 Best Character: Probably Max, for continuing to be awesome and fighting Britai hand to hand.

 Best Death: The poor schmuck pilot of Misa's Cat's Eye.

 Things that stood out about this episode: I think Hikaru's making meters out of microns here with Kakizaki's Valkyrie and arguing with Misa for the sake of arguing because that's pretty much their relationship right now. No wonder Roy had to step in. Also, this is where the show will begin taking on more of its own identity. They started that with Minmay's first steps to stardom and will continue it with Misa and the Vermillion team's capture by the Zentradi. Previous to this, Macross was a pretty standard sci-fi space opera.

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