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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gundam SEED Destiny Remaster 5-9

Episodes 5-9

In any case, episodes 5-9. These episodes were actually really good. The action was great and I could see why people thought this series might have been better than SEED. Alas for the red ZAKU however for dealing with a Gundam dog in space.
A few points--

1. Is the same composer working on this series? All of a sudden the music feels like it's out of some Wagnerian opera. Not really what I like in the background as giant robits beat each other up.
2. I really liked the fragments of Junius 7 falling on Earth; very big and dramatic.
3. Shinn's constant snarking at Cagalli and her inability to snap back at him is getting tiresome. Oh look, we're back at ORB and... oh frak it's Yuna. This is where it all falls apart, isn't it?
4. For as much as I hate them, Yuna and Unato Seiran actually have some valid points. Cagalli can go MUH IDEALS all she wants but the reality is that the whole world will turn against them again if they refuse to at least act like they're against the PLANTs. I just wish it was more of a "the Seirans have the council in their pocket; I'm basically powerless," instead of a confused girl who doesn't seem to have learned thing one about politics in the last two or so years.

5. The battle at the PLANTs was pretty awesome and Dearka and Yzak get a little more screen time. I think they also added in Shiho Hahnenfuss in the Remaster? Blue Cosmos tries the 'ole Duke Nukem routine but ZAFT used Neutron Stampeder! It's SUPER EFFECTIVE!!
6. Any last shred of interest I had in Djbril as a villain has evaporated with his little temper tantrum. C'mon LOGOS, did you really think that ZAFT would have not thought up a defense for a nuclear missile attack since the last war? Especially since they, you know, INVENTED THE FRAKKING N-JAMMERS?

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