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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gundam SEED Destiny Remaster 10-13

Episodes 10-13

Well this finishes off the first cour of the series and I gotta say, despite all my lingering resentment, these episodes weren't all that bad. 'Course now that we're up to this point in the show, you can see where things are starting to unravel at least on a few points.

Episode 10: Not much here. It's amusing to see fake Lacus calm the rage of the people. Also, is it just me or is that scene with the intro of the Savior carbon-copied from the Freedom intro?

Episode 11: Nice to se that although Yzak is still prickly, he's matured over the years. Too bad they're not going to get to do much else over the rest of the series. Yuna is like Lynn Kaifun: I want to reach through the screen and punch him in the face. Oh Cagalli, what happened to you? Also amusing to see Andy pull a Secret Agent Man, warning the Minerva of what's up in ORB. You know what would have been cool in this series? If he and Murrue got together.

Episode 12: Show of hands please for Yuna selling the Minerva out to the Alliance? I see we're all in agreement.   Shinn finally gets to strut his stuff here but I still can't help but not care that much about the Impulse. It's just a slightly different looking Strike to me. By the way, what's the female opposite of emasculation?

Episode 13: AKA Freedom Returns! This was a pretty cool episode but also had some odd stuff. Murrue gets to use kung-fu which is awesome, but Andy's hand gun almost looks... comical? Just looks like a giant desert eagle barrel stuck on his forearm. How does his hand work? Seems hollow. The music in this episode also sounds like it escaped from a Super Nintendo or a Sega Genesis. I liked the irony of Kira using his 1337 skillz to disable the ASSH suits but then they all self-detonate anyway. LOL. You know, I have to wonder how the reception would have been if they'd actually had the balls to kill of Lacus?
Time for the wedding crashers eh? Oh and how did no one in the ORB military or government not catch wind of a MS battle on their shores?

Oh and the Lunamaria panty shot? I know that was totally fanservice, but I also like to think that it demosnstrates why a REAL military would never let Luna wear that miniskirt.

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