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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gundam AGE Episodes 10-12

Well here we go with AGE episodes 10-12. I really feel that AGE has finally hit a consistent stride here. No more of this malarkey with Zalam and Euba, except where it's relevant to the overall plot, and we can finally get to the business at hand which is the UE.
Episode 10 opens up with something of a sudden battle that wasn't even hinted at last episode. There's lots of good stuff here including the first large-scale battle of the series and Don Boyage and his extremely annoying sidekicks biting the dust. It's not that I don't like Boyage but he got the Oliver Inoue death from Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, where he crashes into a ship and his supposedly heroic sacrifice does nothing, except demonstrate that the UE dreadnought is pretty tough. Flit also gets the Sparrow upgrade (trust me, the Japanese are trying to say Sparrow, they're just doing it wrong, like "Shalon Apple.") but it's no where near as impressive as the Titus in my opinion. Ok, so it goes fast and can use it's green crystal blade that it borrowed from the 00Qan[T] to slice, dice and make julienne fries. Big deal, we've had Gundams like that before. I sadly think that this means that the Titus is going to end up with the crown of Most Awesomely Short-Lived and Useless Gundam Upgrade Ever.
On the character front, Ensign Adams/Ensign Zinger finally comes to terms with the fact that the Feddies aren't going to lift a bloody finger to help out the Diva. Good in a way but I would've liked more of a confrontation, perhaps when the Diva was gearing up for the Ambat invasion.

Moving on to episode 11, we finally get to see Yurin again and find out she's been adopted by some guy name Alzeck Birmings, who looks like Sunrise borrowed him from the next pirates of the Caribbean movie. She and Flit get to spend a lot of time together while Emily, the supposed future mother of Flit's son Asem, is working on the Diva. This trips all sorts of death flags for Yurin. The poor girl is unfortunately doomed it seems.
Speaking of Emily, she seems to have gotten over her Fraw Bow-itis and is taking charge of things, like getting that Madorna guy to come and upgrade the Diva with something called a Photon Blaster Cannon or in other words an RRBFG (Really, Really Big Fracking Gun). One last interesting thing in this episode is a Federation Inspector who comes to find Grodek and arrest him. Almost manages it too if not for that pesky kid and his Gundam. But he's not done yet because...

In episode 12 he shows up with a fleet! He tries to outmaneuver Grodek but DAT BEARD is just a little too good at playing The Game for Mr. Chocolate Bar. Also the UE pick a convenient, not-at-all-timed-by-the-plot chance to pull off another attack. Grodek and the Diva crew show that we're all just bros in the end by coming to the Feddies rescue which convinces Mr. Chocolate Bar to let them go. At least there's one other honorable officer in the Federation Forces besides Grodek and the late, lamented Cmd. Bruzar.
Ah, but the happiness is spoiled by the arrival of Desil and his Sith Lord Guardians, including Yark Dole (dumbest name ever). It seems that young Desil might be something of a bloodhound for these EDEN/UE guys, because they've come for Yurin and threaten her to come with them... or else. You see, it seems that Flit and Yurin and possibly Desil are something called X-Rounders which seem to be this series' version of Newtypes. Now personally, they couldn't have picked a worse name for these guys. X-Rounders? Seriously? What is this, a new X-Men comic book? Look, if anyone from Sunrise happens to be reading this, just because this show is aimed at an audience younger than normal Gundam fare, doesn't mean you have to shoot yourself in the foot. Just 'cause you've already used up Newtype, Coordinator, Extended and Innovator, doesn't mean there aren't other cool names you could have used.

Now that we're at this point in the series, things are wrapping up. Episode 13, which I'll be posting right after this, just broadcasted and the final battle of this arc has begun. I could definitely see it lasting another two episodes and then using 16 as a wrap-up to the first arc. As to what will happen after that... who knows. Scans of the characters and mechs from the second arc have already been released and it looks like at least a few characters are making it through. Who will live and who will die? Will we see the tears of time? Find out on the next exciting episode!

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