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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gundam AGE Episode 13

Beginning of The End... of The First Arc
We're finally nearing the end... of the first arc! There's been some highs and some lows and this last arc seems to gearing up for a Gundam-style high octane finisher. As the picture above indicates, Desil suits up at the end of the episode to get in his Zedas and wreck some crap. And of course, right behind him, being restrained by the EDEN Sith Lords, is poor Yurin. Now if they don't actually end up killing her in the next episode or the one after that, I will be enormously and pleasantly surprised. But having said that, I'm 98% certain that she will die, that she and Flit will have a Lockon and Anew moment right before Desil blows her up like the little brat he is. I almost think that this HAS to happen because I'm not sure if they could have Yurin survive and have Emily end up as Flit's wife and the mother of his son.
Anyway, as far as episode 13 is concerned, the battle of this arc begins as the Diva and their Zalam/Euba allies engage the UE's mysterious space fortress Ambat. The mysterious UE Dreadnought shows up from some optical camoflouge and strangely enough, as big as it is, it doesn't absolutely wreck the Diva and the other ships. Doesn't really matter as the Diva's secret upgrade is revealed: The Diva is a new model of Macross!! No, not really but it does turn into...
Yep, that's right. It turns into White Base. Really Sunrise? Are you so worried about how AGE is going that you need all these wink wink nudge nudge visual UC references? Now some of you might say I'm being too anal about this but that's why it's my opinion and everyone's is different. I mean, it's not even a CREATIVE redesign of the White Base, not like the Archangel from Gundam SEED. So no, I don't really care for the Diva's Assault Landing Mode, I actually do prefer the way it used to be and I'm now kinda worried that we're going to get some kind of Argama ripoff in the second arc and a Nahel Argama or Ra Cailum ripoff in the third arc.

Moving on, the battle was really good with the Zalam and Euba suits finally getting equipped with proper weapons and actually getting some. Largan and Wuulf also get some but they've also thrown up some death flags so we'll see what happens. Flit does some more conscious Newtype syuff (I refuse to use the term X-Rounder) and awesomely 'splodes a whole cluster of UE MS. We see Yark Dole in a patently ridiculous outfit and some other kid we've never seen before talk strategy and Yark even says that the Diva looks like a "Trojan Horse." (rolls eyes)
The Diva then unleashes its supermegaultrastupendousawesomecool BFG cannon and decimates the UE ship Fa Bose. But at the last minute a section detaches and heads straight for the Diva! At the last moment its blown to crap by the Hyper Mega Cannon of Mukured madorna and his custom red Shalldol.
Hmm, a white-haired guy in a red MS? This possible reference I'm actually cool with and the fact that this guy has such wonderful toys. The good guys regroup to attack but waiting in the wings are Decil and--
Oh poor Yurin!! But it is possible she might survive, because I saw a picture of a new UE type that is colored in pink and purple. We'll see although i think we're more likely to see the tears of time.

All in all this was an awesome episode marred only by bad UC references. Its been said that the second arc will begin with episode 16 so we've only got two more episodes to go for this arc, although if I was in charge, I'd use 14 and 15 for the last battle, 16 as the wrap up and use 17 as the first of the second arc episodes. In any case, here's hoping that this'll be one heckuva finale!  :)

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