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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Macross Delta Prologue


            In the year 1999 an alien spaceship crash-landed on Earth and forever changed the fate of the human race. The new United Nations Government quickly began rebuilding the ship and plumbing the secrets of its construction. This paid off ten years later when aliens known as the Zentradi entered the solar system searching for the lost ship. Unfortunately, computer systems on the newly-named SDF-1 Macross opened fire on the Zentradi and ignited humanity’s first interstellar war.
In March 2010 the war was brought to end, largely thanks to the crew of the Macross who were able to bridge the gap between human and Zentradi. During the period of reconstruction that followed, the reorganized UN government determined that best way to protect humanity from the threat of extinction would be to spread itself out among the stars. This Space Emigration Plan was finalized in September 2011 and the following September the first of the long-range colony ships, the SDF-2 Megaroad-01 was launched from Macross City, Alaska. Thereafter the UN Spacy (United Nations Space Navy) would launch one or two Megaroad ships every year.
The plan suffered both success and failure. Soon after the Megaroad-01 departed Earth, the planet Eden was discovered and colonized. Due to its proximity to Earth, it quickly became the second most populated planet in the known galaxy. But in the year 2016 the Megaroad-01 vanished without a trace near the galactic core, a fact that the UN Spacy concealed for many years. Despite this rocky start, the seeds of humanity slowly began to spread throughout the galaxy, alongside their Zentradi brethren. In September 2030, the first of the New Macross-class colony ships entered service. Capable of carrying millions of colonists instead of the thousands that the Megaroad ships could, the New Macross-class quickly became the cornerstone of the colonization efforts.
Arguably one of the most famous of these fleets was the Macross 7, commanded by legendary war hero Maximillian Jenius. In 2045 they encountered a race of mysterious beings known as the Protodeviln that threatened not only the Macross 7 fleet but possibly the entire known galaxy. Thanks to the actions of Macross 7 resident and rock musician Basara Nekki, the Protodeviln returned to the dimension they had come from, never to threaten the galaxy again.
Humanity and Zentradi alike continued to march onwards through the wilds of the galaxy. In the 2050’s certain social factors and unrest led to the reformation of the UN Spacy into the New UN Spacy (N.U.N.S.). Soon afterwards, the central government of the United Nations was moved to one of the newer Macross fleets, the Macross Frontier (Mac25). In 2059, the Macross Frontier encountered the alien race known as the Vajra. An insectoid, super-dimensional lifeform, the Vajra aggressively attacked the Frontier fleet until it was learned that a conspiracy from the Macross Galaxy fleet (Mac21) was intending to use the Vajra to basically take over the minds of all living beings in the universe. Fortunately members of the private military company Strategic Military Services discovered the source of the conspiracy and in an epic battle over the Vajra homeworld, the Galaxy conspirators were defeated, the Battle Galaxy carrier was destroyed and the Vajra departed the Milky Way to meet another Vajra swarm from what is most probably the Andromeda Galaxy.
The year is now 2065. Some of the social unrest that prompted the development of the New UN Spacy and the reorganization of the United Government still persists. And there are some who would take advantage of this weakness. There are still rogue Zentradi fleets roaming the dark corners of the galaxy, the Macross Galaxy is still out there and other threats may lay hidden in the galactic reaches that humanity and its allies have yet to explore…

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