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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Future's Not What It Used To Be

So I was watching Back to the Future Part II tonight and one of things that struck me, especially since we're in 2011, is that the future of 2015 in the movie isn't going to look ANYTHING like  the movie. It's gonna be damn dull for the most part. Here's a list.

No self-lacing power sneakers by NIKE
No self-adjusting, self-drying clothes
Teenagers will definitely not wear their jeans inside out as a fashion statement
No futuristic cybernetic implants
No flying cars
Spandex and foam in neon colors won't be in fashion (Not that I'd want them to be)
No life-size holographic billboards
No holographic movies
No Jaws 19 directed by Max Speilberg
No robotic attendants/waiters
Probably no Pepsi Perfect in a futuristic bottle
You will still have to use your hands to play video games
The Cubs still haven't won the World Series
No mechanized baseball bats
Car bodyshapes aren't going to look all that futuristic
No TV screens that can double as window shades
No computerized houses
No automatic hover-walker for dogs
No biometric monetary transactions
No hydroponics in the ceiling
Wearing two neckties with your suit won't be in fashion
There wont be a kitchen appliance that can turn a tiny dehydrated pizza into a full-size cooked one.
No fancy video glasses that let you watch TV on them or have video-phone conversations.
Vietnam probably won't be a premier vacation spot
And the most heinous offenses: No Hoverboards and lawyers will definitely not be abolished!!

Now BTTF2 did get some things right but I only found a few.
Flat panel, Hi-Def TV sets. Although I haven't seen anyone try to watch six channels at once.
Live, real-time video conferencing and chatting
Pepsi and Coke will definitely still be here
Teenagers and tweenagers are definitely as obsessed with yapping on phones as in the movie. We just have smartphones instead of vid-glasses. The phone obsession has been around for a while though.
Inflation is bad but nowhere near as bad as in BTTF2. (Hey kid, thumb a hundred bucks to help save the clocktower!)

Remember, they likely started in on Pre-Production for BTTF2 in mid-1988. Kinda wish their version of the future was ours but as Doc Brown once said, "The future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one."

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