Everything Under The Sun... And Then Some!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


ICONIC SCENE: The Macross and about 1,200 of Britai and Laplamiz's ships against 4,790,260 ships of the Bodol Main Fleet. Brown Trousers on standby.

QUOTABLE QUOTES: "What is the function of that flimsy garment? [lingerie]

BEST CHARACTER: Exedol, especially for his gloriously awful attempt at My Boyfriend Is A Pilot.

BEST DEATH: The Quamzin squad schmucks that Britai has to shoot down because Quamzin is himself a schmuck.


The places are set, the roles cast, the deep breath before the plunge is taken. Exedol finally gets to meet directly with the command staff of the Macross, Misa, Hikaru, Max, Millia, Minmay and, unfortunately, Kaifun. Although, I do have to laugh uproariously at how even though this seems to be the exact kind of thing that Kaifun would want, i.e. the military sitting down with one of the leaders of their enemy to talk rather than fight, he remain so self-righteously stubborn about it all. He's even the first one to give up and declare things hopeless when the Bodol Main Fleet shows up! What a little pissant.
Anyway, even though it looks like the Britai/Laplamiz fleet will be calling a ceasefire with the Macross, it doesn't much matter as the massive bulk of the Bodol Main Fleet shows up in Earth orbit. Pants to be darkened.

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