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Wednesday, May 10, 2017



Quotable Quotes: Did you guys do stuff like that [kissing] with Minmay?!

Best Character: Hard to call in this one, Nobody really stands out. Maybe I'll say it's the three spies again, for blatantly lying about making out with Minmay.

Best Death: Again, no actual deaths except for maybe the death of the imaginary relationship Hikaru had with Minmay.


Another link in the chain leading to what would have been the finale. Minmay and Kaifun's movie Shao-Pai-Long premieres... and somehow Britai and Exedol are able to watch it? What the heck? Last I checked, movies, especially in the 1980s, weren't broadcast. Maybe they are doing it on this occasion so all the crew of the Macross can see the premiere even if they're not actually there? Hikaru can't stomach the sight of Kaifun getting his incest on and runs into Misa (literally) and they get to have another moment. Given that Macross The First retconned in references to the Vajra, I'm actually not surprised that Britai and Exedol can believe that the miclones have the power supposedly demonstrated in the movie. They'll pass this along to Bodolza and it'll lead to his decision to attack Earth.
Incidentally, Shao Pai Long is my least favorite Minmay song, initially because it simply had something to do with Kaifun but now... I dunno I can't really point to anything specific, I just don't like it as much as some of her other songs like Silver Moon, Red Moon and My Boyfriend is a Pilot.

ADDENDUM: Concerning the crack I made in this post about Kaifun and Minmay getting their incest on, it's been brought to my attention that I missed a line of Hikaru in one episode that, combined with other evidence, very possibly means that Kaifun is not the son of Minmay's aunt and uncle but the son of her uncle from a previous marriage. This means that they are not blood cousins. This would make their romance not literally incestual but... it's still kinda squicky anyhow. And I still hate Kaifun.

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