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Friday, August 24, 2012

Reign of Chaos Episode 8

Episode 8 - It's A WestKeatonKilmerClooney Thing 
 Hang on to your Bat-Chairs and put on your Bat-headphones (or Bat-Earbuds), 'cause Arbiter_Gundam and Harlock are back with more Batman. This time we talk about the Batman movies, starting with a brief mention of the short films in days of yore and then on to the Adam West movie and then the Burton/Schumacher movies. The Nolan trilogy will be next week. Have fun!! Download on iTunes.  :)

Segment Breakdown
1. Intro (0:00:00-0:02:06)
2. Commercial -Fighters Ready- (0:02:07-0:03:34)
3. The Batman Movies pt. 1 (0:03:34-01:58:40)
4. Commercial -Gundamn!@MAHQ- (01:58:41-01:59:49)
5. Closing Comments & Outro (1:59:51-2:13:52)

Music Featured in this episode-
The Batman Theme by Danny Elfman, from Batman (1989)
Like A Dog Chasing Cars by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard, from The Dark Knight
Code Name: Heero Yuy by Kou Otani, from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Finale by Danny Elfman, from Batman (1989)

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