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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jules Verne's Gundam, pt. 2

Okay, well things came up so we're just going to go straight to the halfway point here.
Lots of things happening here by the halfway mark but first I gotta say, after seeing all these other Gundam series, I can't believe these guys hang out of the hatches of their mobile suits as much as they do! Why none of them have been killed by doing this, I have no idea.

Anyway, things move along as the Moonrace invasion continues and Guin tries to negotiate with them. I guess all he's interested in truly is their tech? Why do I have this feeling that he may secretly want to gather as much advanced tech as possible and take over the world?
I get the feeling that the Moonrace's general plan was to do a shock and awe invasion so that the primitive Earthlings would be intimidated into doing basically whatever they wanted bu now that Militia has the Turn A and then digs up all those Kapools and then the Borjarnons, that plan gets kinda ruined. Plus it seems that a lot of the Moonrace civilians don't want to get caught up in a war and even end up helping the Militia.

As far as the characters, it's a little difficult to keep track of Dianna and Kihel but once I got 'em sorted out it made more sense. Dianna gets some great development as she sees what happens with her war. Again why do I get the feeling that this armed invasion was more Agrippa and Gym's idea than hers? She also gets some tragedy by meeting the descendant of this Will Game guy who she was in love with. The guy instead falls for the charms of would-be Dianna assassin Teteth Halleh and joins up with the Dianna Counter. This leads to him having a pretty gnarly death, about as bad as some of the deaths we got in SEED and the way Shinn's parents went out. Dude, redheads are hot and all but in this case ya shoulda went with the blond. :) Speaking of Teteth, it seems her ancestors were taken to the Moon and mistreated there, which is why she hates Dianna so much. I really feel sorry for her in a way, because even though she's trying to kill Her Hotness, Dianna, she could possibly be redeemed... until this creepy guy puts a bullet through her skull. Now this gave me bad flashbacks of when Cate Todd from NCIS was shot through the head at the end of the second season. I didn't see that coming and it absolutely floored me, the same with Teteth's death. I actually had to rewind to see when exactly she had been shot. Poor Teteth, she wanted so badly to be part of the Moonrace but ended up getting betrayed by them one last time. I guess you should never trust people who treat you like dirt.
As for Loran, it was pretty funny when he found out who "Kihel" really was. I'm still a little fuzzy on why he's fighting with the Militia. I guess he just wants to make sure the Power of the Turn A doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
I'm also still liking Sochie. She still hates the Moonrace but seems to not resent Loran anymore. On the contrary, I think the only reason she accepted Gavane Goony's offer of "Hey let's get married so we can have 'no regrets'" (joke), was to see if she could make Loran pay attention to her more. I can kinda get that, she's probably pretty lonely with her dad dead, mother crazy and few opputunities to talk with her "sister."
Gavane Goony is awesome solely because he made busted up Zakus awesome. :D
I could type for hours about the rest of the characters but for now I'll just say that none of them annoy me right now. Oh but I almost forgot psycho Corin. I guess he didn't die but I'd very much like to know why he hates Gundams so much.
And Harry Ord's "civilian disguise" was hilaribad.

So the series is hanging on a pretty precarious point with Dianna Counter trying to prevent the Militia from becoming more powerful and excavating the spaceship they found and the Militia not wanting the Moonrace to bully them into giving stuff up to them. Why do I have this feeling that something really bad is going to happen when they get this ship dug up? But there are still a lot of questions like what this Agrippa guy's agenda is and exactly how much stuff is buried on Earth. And when the frak are Gym and Harley Quinn gonna show up?! All in all, I'm enjoying Turn A Gundam a LOT more than AGE right now. Don't know if I can say it's better than Unicorn.

There are some negatives to it though. The dialog in this series is kinda clunky and sometimes makes the characters sound not all that bright. And I do think they should have brought in Gym and Agrippa by now but we'll see.
This isn't really a complaint but I kinda wish that they'd dug up some more MS so that this could be Revenge of the Grunt Suits, with Zakus, Leos, GMs, Nemos and Daughtresses blasting the fancy-schmancy Moonrace suits.
I'm also getting tired of seeing Loran's butt at the end of the credits every time. And I want Lily Borjarno to disappear.

Other than that, bring on the next 25 episodes!! 8)

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