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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gundam AGE Episode 5

 The Demon Child
Well, I went into this episode with trepidation because of the previous previews. I KNOW this series is being targeted to a younger audience because Bandai/Sunrise practices a little thing called franchise sustainability. Well... I really, really don't like this kid. He is FAST moving up my list of Gundam characters which I hate. Everything about this kid just irks me. And I was right, he does steal the Gundam and take a joyride in it. Now Flit I can believe piloting the Gundam but this kid? What is he, some abnormal super child genius?

Alright enough about Decil (perhaps Basil with bad Japanese pronunciation?) Besides the discovery of Decil the only other things of import that happen in this episode are Emily finally confronting Grudek and Grudek further evading the Federation.
First of all, Grudek's actions in tossing out the Diva's intended Captain come back as the Investigation Bureau of the Federation issues a warrant for his arrest. But when the local Inspector for the Forces shows up to carry out the arrest, Grudek, cool as you please, reveals that he has evidence that the Inspector has been allowing ships to dock at Colony Fardain illegally. Score another one for Cool Hand Grudek. In fact that's what I'm going to call him from now on. So we have Flit, the Doogie Howser of Gundam (courtesy of Chris Guanche), Wuulf, the White Wolf, Ensign Zinger, Pretty Milly (the comm officer), Cool Hand Grudek/DAT BEARD, Emily "Fraw Bow Syndrome" Amonde and Soul Bro's Man, Dique. Lotta nicknames in this show. Oh and Decil the Red-Headed Menace.

Also Grudek explains to Emily that he took command of the Diva because the Federation forces have become corrupt. Not a tremendous surprise there (also explains why the Feddies have already been fighting the UE for 14 years). They would have left the civilians on Nora to die just so they could save the Diva and the Gundam. Emily accepts that but doesn't want Flit fighting in the Gundam, especially when Grudek reveals that he has determined the UE's base of operations and wants to attack it. Boy does Emily have Fraw Bow Syndrome bad. It's getting a little annoying. Also we get a look at what at that picture he keeps on his desk. Definitely a younger Grudek and his wife and daughter, which I will bet you dollars to yen are dead.
One last mystery presented in the episode is Decil being confronted by a bunch of black-robed wizards that say that Decil is an inhabitant of EDEN and that he isn't supposed to mix with "normal" people. I really hope these guys aren't the real UE, that would almost be too cheesy. Then again, the Diana cultists in Victory Gundam had funky robes...
Oh and Wuulf is definitely growing on me as the typical cocky sempai. Shall we begin speculating on the manner of his death and if it will involve pineapples?

All in all, this episode really didn't impress me, except for the parts with Grudek, and as I said, I REALLY don't like this Decil kid. It's been said that maybe he'll continue on into the next generation as a recurring antagonist. By that point he'd be in his thirties, so if they do that, I think I'll forgive them. Unlike the trolls I'll reserve final judgement until at least the first generation's done. But I still give this episode a two out five. I just hope the next episode doesn't introduce some rival family thing.

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