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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gundam AGE Episode 3

The Twisted Colony

Action-packed, high-octane this episode! A lot of people have said that the first two episodes didn't really sell them but this episode did.

A lot of things happen in this episode so you have to keep up. Another Gafran and a Zedas (or maybe they were both Zedas, I'm still sorting MS out) show up to cause problems and curiously enough, one of the UE suits has a clear shot at the Diva's bridge but doesn't take the shot. While Flit duels (and proves that he has a lot to learn in the piloting area, which I like) he gets a lot of help from Yurin, who does something pretty unique here. As I said, it's presumptuous at this point to call Yurin a Newtype but she certainly acts like it. What she does is in this episode is place her hand on Flit's and it seems to grant him some of her precognition, allowing him to recognize patterns in the enemy's movements. I don't believe we've ever seen a Newtype, SEED holder or Innovator do something quite like that, which begs the question, what is Yurin? Is she some AU variation on a Newtype? Or something new? Time will tell.
In other news, the Zedas attacks the base on Nora after scanning it, heavily injuring Bruzar. Did the UE know that he was there or did the scan just tell them that this was the place where the colony core had to be released? Bruzar survives and tells the crew of the Diva that he can release the core from another point. At this point is his fate is pretty much sealed but you kinda knew that when he elected to be the only one to stay behind. Characters who are alone usually don't last too long in Gundam.
Flit duels the Zedas and seems to only get glancing hits on it. Either that or the Zedas is a lot tougher than the Gafrans are. Yurin helps him out but he can't quite destroy this one, just drive it off. The Diva starts pulling the colony core out but a last second hitch is solved when Bruzar rams a work pod into the stuck support beam and sacrifices himself. This isn't too surprising as I said earlier than you pretty much knew that Bruzar was doomed from the moment he was left alone but he still went out like a G. Flit has now lost a mentor figure in his life, someone who believed in him and it seems likely that he'll have to gain the trust of Commander Grudek (DAT BEARD) and the others aboard the Diva if he wants to progress.
In the aftermath of the destruction of Nora and the rescue of the colony core, Grudek is given new orders by the Federation. Um, did they just forget that that other guy was supposed to be in charge? And where is he and what happens to him? Also Flit and Yurin part ways but she is most definitely going to show up again. As a parting gift she gives her hair ribbon to a stammering and unsure Flit. Ahhh, let the shipping wars commence! It'll be interesting to see what happens in this particular regard as Flit seems kinda fascinated with Yurin but the imagery of the End Credits (or ED) has a lot of Flit and Emily. It also can't be ignored that Flit's future son Asemu is blond like Emily. Questions, questions and not an answer to have!

All in all this was the best episode of AGE yet and leaves me really wanting to learn more about where this is  going. We still don't know how many episodes we're dealing with or if there is going to be a season break. Oh and one interesting thing happens at the end of the episode. A cryo-stasis pod opens up on the Diva, releasing a white-haired guy with some Ranka-esque hair tufts who says that he smells the scent of battle. Heh, only took thirty years for Macross and Gundam to start ripping each other off. :)


  1. Just for your confirmation, only one of them is a Zedas and the other is a purple Gafran.