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Saturday, April 23, 2011

From My Writing Desk

News for 4/23/11
1. Now that I've posted the last part of my Super Dimension Fortress Macross review on my blog, I'm getting back to Gundam. I'll first be working on a chapter for Gundam Meister Grace. I can't help it, Feldt is one of my favorite characters!

2. Next I'll be working on a new chapter for Gundam Alternity, which has been too long in coming. Technical difficulties resulted in a false prologue and the inability to update the story. That changes now.

3. With BioWare gearing up for Mass Effect 3, I need to get moving on Gundam 00ME. I started that story back in July of last year and it's STILL only two chapters!!

4. After that, I'm feelin' like crankin' out a new chapter of StarCraft: The Reformation. What's going to happen to Kerrigan now that she's a prisoner of the Protoss? I don't know, i'm making this up as I go.

5. In addition to the above, I'll be uploading the rest of my old stories.

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