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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not Particularly Inspiring...

2. The Gundam Phoenix (2001)
XXXG-01WF-2 Gundam Phoenix
Height: 16.7 meters
Armor: Gundanium alloy
PW: Twin Buster Rifle x1, mounted on right shoulder
SW: 75mm machine cannon x2, mounted on shoulders; beam saber x2, mounted in shoulders
AW:  N/A
SA:  ZERO system
Pilot(s):  Zack/Sesina Monroe
Notes: After Zack Monroe lost the Gundam White Fang, he found his way to the L4 colonies where he met up with Quatre. Quatre, racked with grief over the death of his father, was building a new Gundam using his family’s resources and offered those resources to Zack. Working from the same set of blueprints they had discovered in the computers, Quatre created the Wing ZERO and Zack created its brother unit, the Phoenix. Being made form the same plans as Wing ZERO, Phoenix looks almost exactly the same with a few differences. Phoenix has no transformation mode and has a red, gold and white paint scheme. Its buster rifle is as powerful as the ZERO’s and it is also equipped with the mysterious ZERO system in the cockpit. Zack never could quite get the hang of the ZERO system so it was mostly left turned off.
The Phoenix is, again, not a particularly inspired design, basically being a re-coloring and modification of the Wing ZERO design. Clearly, I still had a long way to go with Gundam design.

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